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Steam Wishlist Clean Up (14)

When the Steam Summer Sales were almost starting Tecsie decided to clean up their Steam wishlist a little bit by writing a Steam Wishlist Clean Up post which was inspired by Lia’s Down the TBR Hole book blogger meme.

I really liked this idea and asked Tecsie if I could take part too so here I am. Though with a slight difference, Tecsie managed to go through a lot more of her wishlist in one go. I already know that will not be the case for me. So you’ll likely see a few of these.

Sit back, enjoy, and browse some video games with me.

Starting Point: 170

After a month break due to Blogoween I’m finally bringing this post series back. I’m hoping I can get through the rest of my wishlist ready for 2018 so I might do a few more games per post depending on the time I have free when writing them up.

I’ve been wanting Dream Daddy since its release and I’m kind of annoyed at myself for not having purchased it yet so this is a priority during the next sale. Its a dating sim between Dads and from what I’ve heard its rather inclusive with a handful of LGBTA+ rep with no creepy fetishisation!

Simularly A Mortician’s Tale I heard about just before release. I do wish the whole game was the same art style as its poster because that is beautiful! The game follows the mortician as she is tasked with running a funeral home, pretty simple but the game art is cute and its only cheap so yes I’ll pick it up one day.

The people who make Shelter make another favourite game of mine and honestly I want everything by them because they’re so pure and sweet and have little animals running around and the art is very different but it works! This game is about a mother badger keeping her cubs from harm.

I found out about Oxenfree thanks to Tecsie as she streamed and reviewed it, I’m very excited about this as its about a group of friends who accidentally open a ghostly rift. The choices you make in this game matter and its very story focused. This is a priority game for me.

What Remains of Editch Finch is a story rich walking simulator which is a collection of strange tales as you explore through a families history. I want this for sure but its not a priority.

Hellblade is set inthe Viking age and follows a warrior as she goes on a quest i nto hell to fight for the soul of her dead lover and if that doesn’t sound like something you’re dying to playthrough then check out how beautiful it is too.

Maize is an absolutely ridiculous game that I watched someone playthrough – but I dont’ recall who. Its about some scientists who misinterpret a governments memo and create sentient corn! I really wanted to play through this myself as I know the playthrough I watched missed some collectables or didn’t explore as fully as I would’ve.

So I do really want to play Shadow of War but also whats the point when I own the first game and haven’t even touched it. This game is getting removed for now.

Friday the 13th is one of those games I added to play with friends but I’m just going to go ahead and remove this one as we’ve shown no indication on getting it for a while and its unlikely we’ll forget it exists as theres a few games like this that we’ve got our eye on.

So Hob looks cute and interesting but honestly I don’t think its for me at this time. Its puzzle focused and they recommend you use a controller – which I hate doing – so we’re gonna pass but hey at least its noted down here incase I ever want to return to it.

A Hat in Time is another game I’ve heard of thanks to Tecsie. Its very cute and you go around collecting hats which give you different powers I beleive? This is something I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for.

Okami is beauitful, the art is actually breathtaking. But honestly I feel like its not for me and also too hard? I’m not really a fan of games that get me frustrated in attempts to complete them. (Hey look Tecsie also introduced this to me too)

Stats at the end of this post

Priority: 3 / 12
Keep: 5 / 12
Remove: 4 / 12
Steam Wishlist total: 132

We did it! I hope you like this post. Please let me know if you love any of these games or think you could be interested in any. I really enjoy doing these type of posts as I think it really shows non-gamers the wide choice of games out there because its not often I’ll play those that are big in the media.

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that my phone absolutely freaked out when you pinged so many of my posts at once ahahah :’D But yay I see many good games here

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