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Loving the monsters always ends badly for the human

Blogoween bloodyLoving the monsters always ends badly for the human | #Blogoween
We’re back again, its day two of me hosting Blogoween and today I’m talking about my favourite creatures ever!


From what I can remember my love for Vampires started with an amazing movie called The Little Vampire, though it is possible that my love existed prior to this movie, its just this movie is a solid point in my childhood where I made the decision that I would become a vampire…

Whilst I’m older now and the world tells me it is not physically possible to become a bloodsucking immortal, if I had the chance I wouldn’t say no.

Keep reading to find out about some of my favourite Vampires and why its such a long title.


So last year I was browsing letterboxd to find a list of vampire movies so I could watch more as I felt like I hadn’t seen enough but all the lists, at the time, were like 10 movies long so I set out to make and ended up naming it “loving the monsters always ends badly for the human” as if I need a reminder to not love Vampires.
e09fcc0e1f3db86240f6fc52305e5fd8My favourite thing about letterboxd lists is being able to easily see which you’ve seen, as well as a percentage bar which is very handy!

As you can see I’ve only see 61% of the movies I’ve compiled and I dont doubt there are more out there.

You can see the full list here and if there are any movies I’m missing please let me know so I can watch those too!

My favourite from this list which I recommend you check out are:

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) | Yakuza Apocalypse (2015) | Thirst (2009) | Dracula (1992)

I feel bad for including From Dusk Till Dawn in this list because when I was introduced to this movie I had no idea it was about vampires so whenever I do show it to anyone I also leave that information out too as experiencing it that way was super fun. Though I imagine now it also has a TV series more people will know it is about vampires…

The majority of this movie is about two criminals who’ve taken a family hostage and use their RV to get to a bar to meet some other criminals for an exchange. What they don’t know is the bar they chose is basically run by vampires and they’re going to be tonights snack! I love it!

Yakuza Apocalypse is a Japanese movie about the Yakuza who are also vampires, pretty self explanatory. Its uh, I can’t really put this movie into words. Its literally something else. You can go into this movie expecting one thing and it will 100% provide you something else. Its over the top and bizzare and I love it!

Thirst is another Japanese movie but this is a lot more serious. It follows a respected priest who takes part in an experimental procedure that leads to him becoming a vampire. But this leaves him torn between faith and bloodlust, plus theres a new lady catching his eye too.

Lastly, is Dracula which is the most recent vampire movie I watched and spoke about in my first 31 Movies in 31 Days post but in short I love Keanu and I love how camp and silly this movie is.

T V  S E R I E S

If movies aren’t really your thing I do have a few tv series that you could check out.

I finished Penny Dreadful last year which is amazing and I highly recommend – plus its pretty queer and theres is a trans character in a later season. Vampires are really only the main focus in Season 1 but all of them are worth watching, and well, as more often than not, they are the bad guys.

I haven’t seen True Blood in years, in fact I never watched the final season! So I intend to rewatch this at some point, the trouble is knowingly rewatching that Godric scene again is perhaps something I will never be able to handle. I remember enjoyed this show but felt that it went a bit over the top in some of the later series so I’ll be interested to see what older me thinks of this. Yay for vampires being both good, evil, and all kinds of inbetween.

Moonlight! Oh my god. I watched Moonlight as it was ariring back in 2007 and 2008 and I loved it. the main character is a private investigator and a vampire. He’s one of the good guys and I love the chemistry between the characters. Y’know what, its only short maybe I’ll rewatch this first…

Since being exposed to the beauty and wildness that is Hemlock Grove I can safely say I am Hemlock Grove trash. There are more than a few problems with this show (which are more prominent in the book) but the bromance between the two main characters gives me hope okay. Even if one of them is definitely the worst person alive. This show is everything to me. I think its my most rewatched show tbh. I LOVE IT.


Now the bit you’ve all been waiting for. This was really hard to narrow down but low and behold I’ve done it! I picked two very well known series and three that you might not have heard of yet. I hope your bookshelves gain some new stories! (Also don’t forget Hemlock Grove which I just mentioned)

I’m sorry, I can’t make a post of vampire recommendations without talking about the two series I read (or started as one wasn’t yet finished) in 2005. This was the year I started high school – yikes yes I’m old – and I hadn’t been reading much so just by chance I picked up Twilight. This book became my world. I devoured it. I was in heaven when this later became such a world wide phenomenon! Every waking and breathing moment was pure Twilight bliss. I lived Twilight.

Image may contain: outdoor
I even have photographic evidence of a time long passed where I spent a day acting out scenes from Twilight. Sorry not sorry.

Whilst waiting for the rest of Twilight to publish I also devoured the full Cirque du Freak series which honestly tore my heart out and I have never recovered. What started out as a fun every kids dream of becoming a vampire book soon leads to the darkest possible parts you didn’t even know could exist. I’ve tried to blot out some of this but the worst sting is still very fresh.

Now for more current faves! I’ve reviewed all of these within the last year or so but I’ll give little run downs on what each of them are too.

Stake Sauce by RoAnna Sylver (review here) is fun, diverse, and a short read. I love the cute pink haired punk rock vampire that is too sweet for his own good! I love every character to be honest. I need more of this world. Pronto! Its also dark and has the start of an all our war brewing – but also has rep that really means a lot to me too.

The Dark World by S.C. Parris (review here) is a dark fantasy which has such an amazing world built up and characters to die for. I love the women in this book as they’re don’t take shit from anyone and do whatever they want to get to their desires. These are the dark and bloodthirsty Vampires I live for, they’ll stop at nothing!

Silver and Bone by Claudia Cain (review here) follows Jennifer Jones who is a detective and vampire whos past is back to bite her even though she believed it was buried and forgotten. I really enjoyed this exploration of vampires and other creatures, as well as friendships and relationships. Its a really strong introduction to this world and I feel like I got to know every character on a personal level. Plus Claudia isn’t afraid to throw some punches so her writing really sucked me in.

I hope you enjoyed this list of vampires and check out something new! I feel like if I had planned ahead a bit better I could’ve included even more vampires, however like true Lauren standard I left this till the night before when I had to go to bed early for an early work shift!

…Maybe I can do a part two in the future? Would you be interested in this?

What vampire media would you recommend?
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23 thoughts on “Loving the monsters always ends badly for the human”

  1. There’s also The Vampire Diaries / The Originals for tv shows. I know they’re chick shows but my post Twilight self was completely addicted!

      1. I stopped watching around s6 as well, I just lost interest in the whole vampire thing. I was always more of a werewolf girl so Teen Wolf was a big thing for me.

  2. TBH I have never watched nor read a single vampire related book, except maybe a parody of the Twilight series. Well. But I might consider watching Penny Dreadful Netlfix just for the amazing cast it has.

  3. I wanted so much to be a vampire when I was little because of a movie 😂

    I thought the title means that monster will die at the end because they’re.. well, ‘monster’ so it will break our heart when they died which is bad for us 😂 but thank goodness you explain about it haha. And ooh, Cirque du Freak sounds like my kind of read: breaking the heart 👀

    You should do a part 2! I’d love to know more as I don’t watch/read much of vampires even though I love vampires. Anyway, this is such a great post 💕

  4. Moonlight and True Blood yes! I wouldn’t watch the last season of True Blood though. I’m so bitter about the finale.

    I haven’t seen From Dusk Till Dawn movie but I love the show!

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