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Halloween Creatures Tag 2.0 | #Blogoween

Last year Anthony from Keep Reading Forward created a Halloween Creatures Tag and he’s reworked it for this year. This is the version he’d like you to do if you decide to take part!

Happy Halloween!
It is finally October again and time for the Halloween Creatures book tag.
– Answer all prompts
– Answer honestly
– Tag 1-3 people
– Link back to his post
– Have fun!
and if you’re taking part as part of Blogoween, don’t forget to share your answers on Twitter with #Blogoween

Witch | A magical character or book

Of course I have to pick the one and only Karou from the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy by Laini Taylor. I love her story and journey with magic!

Werewolf | The perfect book to read at night

New Fears 2 anthology is perfect to read at night because its a collection of short stories meaning you can put it down easily for sleep. Or even better, keep reading through the night with excitement over each new story!

Frankenstein | A book that truly shocked you

I think I’ll have to go with Vox for this one because the whole world that is built up is terrifying but also could potentionally come to pass.

The Devil | A Dark, evil character

I can’t really say specifically but the villain in Sawkill Girls is nothing but dark and evil.

Grim Reaper | A character that should never have died

Oooft, I uh I don’t want to drop any names here but there is definitely someone in The Bone Witch trilogy that I wish hadn’t died.

Zombie | A book that made you hungry for more

I’ve recently finished Watersnakes by Tony Sandoval which I’ll be reviewing later this month; I really loved the art and wish that it was part of series even though it did wrap up very nicely.

Gargoyle | A character that you would protect at all costs

Definitely Alice from Christina Henry’s Alice duology. Even though she can 100% look after herself!

Vampire | A book that sucked the life out of you

Um, its weird because I did rate this book fairly well but The Smoke Thieves would have to be the book I pick. It really didn’t need to be that long.

Ghost | A book that still haunts you

UGH! The Lovely Bones. I hate this book with a passion and I will 100% rant at anyone who will listen. I’m glad my friend Satho agrees withme fully.

Demon | A book that really scared you

There is a short story in New Fears 2 about these invisible hooks that are all over peoples skin but we aren’t aware about them and it really made me squirm.

Skeleton | A character you have a bone to pick with

I guess one of the love interests in Sea Witch. I didn’t really understand his personality change and want to know if there was any part of him that is real lmao.

Mummy | A book you would preserve througohut time

Do I even need to answer this? Of course its the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. Sorry I can’t pick just one.

Creepy Doll | A cover too scary to look at

That is easy. I read this book today and the whole thing is pretty scary – Slothilda! (I’m scared of sloths sorry guys)

& that is the end of this monster mash. Its fun to be with your friends on Halloween so YOU are taking part: Allie | Angharad + Becky | Amy | Beth | Tecsie

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21 thoughts on “Halloween Creatures Tag 2.0 | #Blogoween”

  1. Great post! I love The Daughter of Smoke and Bone!!! I have the urge to reread it now (if my TBR could give dirty looks it would right about now). This was a lot of fun to read!

  2. Great answers. I love The Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy! I haven’t read The Lovely Bones but we had to analyse some scenes from the movie in year 8 or 9 for English about dramatic effect or the like and it was very creepy. I hope I’m thinking of the right book and not something completely different 😂

  3. ok I have this one scheduled and I picked the same villain!!! also I forget if you’ve read strange the dreamer (I’m currently reading it) and omg it’s even more amazing imo than DOS&B :)

  4. OMG IS IT SOMEONE IN THE SHADOWGLASS. LAUREN. LAUREN. AM I GOING TO BE TORN TO PIECES. 😭😭😭 LAURENNNNN. I haven’t read any of the others on the list aside from the first book of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy, but I DID listen to the audiobook, which kind of sucked honestly. 🤷‍♀️

    1. i was studying art at the time and was wishing for blue hair so Karou felt v relatable and then i wasjust super attached to her family.

      im not saying a word RE the bone witch trilogy tho muahahahah

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