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#SpooksandTea: Ritual Tasks

Picture1Spooks and Tea: Ritual Tasks
Towards the end of last month I mentioned how my book club were hosting #SpooksandTea again!

For part of the read-a-thon we also provide some Ritual Tasks which are spooky prompts to help you pick out what books to read .

The Rituals | Which will you do?
– Pick a book that has something you are afraid of (ex: spiders, heights, ghosts, etc)
– Read a book at night (cause spoopy vibes man)
– Read a “paranormal” book (ex: vampires, werewolves, ghosts. etc)
– Recommend a book (cause we need to share more of that love)
– Write about your best Halloween experience
– Do a spooky book review
– Pick a horror novel without reading the synopsis (aka go into blindly)
– Buddy read a horror novel
– Read a book that is over 200 pages
– Re-read your favorite Halloween read
– Create at least one spell list (book spine poetry)

So which do I plan to do?
Pick a book that has something you’re afraid of | New Fears 2 by Mark Morris
As this is a unthemed horror anthology there has to be something in this that I’m scared of but haven’t realised or thought of  – because lets be real I don’t own a book about Sloths.
Update: I found Slothilda on NetGalley and I’ll be reading that tomorrow…
Read a book at night| ✔️
I can actually mark this off as complete already too because I often read before I sleep anyway. I also selected this because I’m hoping to read even more before bed to encourage more reading as I didn’t finish many books in September
Read a paranormal book | Blood Crescent by Stevie McCoy
I received an eCopy of this from the author a bit ago and started reading but then life happened and I didn’t finish so as it fits this prompt I’m determined to finish it this month.
Recommend a book |
One of the blog posts I plan to write is where I’ll recommend some horror books so keep your eyes peeled for that.
Do a spooky book review | ✔️
Yes! I already posted one yesterday but I do hope to have at least another one or two posted this month too. As I’m away for 2 weeks at the end of this month I might end up scheduling others for next month depending on what else I end up writing.
Pick a horror novel without reading the synopsis | tbd
I do want to do this but I’m not sure what it’ll end up being. It might just end up being an older horror book I have that I’ve forgotten the synopsis for!
Read a book that is over 200 pages |
So I maybe started early… in which cause We Sold Our Souls does count. but I do plan to read another that is over 200 pages. We’ll see how I do!
Re-read your favorite Halloween read |
As I now own three of the books in The Dark World series I really would like to reread the first so I can make further progress on the series!
Create a Spell List |
I’ll be posting my book spine poetry Spell List on the 11th! Check back then

I’ll check in at the end of the month and let you know what I do manage to complete.

What books would you read to meet the prompts?

13 thoughts on “#SpooksandTea: Ritual Tasks”

  1. You did pretty good !
    Id wanna participate but darn I read so. slow. .. only one I can cross yet is reading at night- as I, too, mostly do it then hah ! I also don’t have a favorite halloween read, or a favorite for any seasons for that matter. mh.

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