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Micro Review | Fall is Here (3)

Micro Review | Fall is Here

Micro Reviews are little updates on your life and books you’re reading, there are 2 prompts per month which ask questions for you to answer. If you want to know more about Micro Reviews then stop by Allie @ Hexen Librarian’s blog where she explains it fully and shares the full prompt list.

Best thing is you can take part when you’re ready! So just like me, you can play catch up if you want or just hop in on the latest one.

What’s your favorite season? Do you cater your reading to the season or do you just read whatever, whenever? Thoughts on the Pumpkin Spice Latte?

Not so surprisingly Autumn or Winter are my favourite seasons! I enjoy the cold as I feel more awake and alive. Plus its easier to get warmer than it is to get colder.

I’ve never tried to cater my reading to the seasons aside from making sure I consume spooky reads in October! I don’t read too much “summery or fluffy” reads which is why I don’t tend to cater to the seasons.

I was originally going to say I’ve never had Pumpkin Spice Latter but the lovely Charli let me try a sip of hers (and I did my best to not leave behind black lipstick stains) and it was rather nice! I think I’d like to try it again.

I was going to say no photo this week because I’m busy but actually surprise, you can have an outdoors-y photo of a book.

I’m also going to tag Clo, Lily, Nox, and Eliza.

Please take part, link your post below so I can see!
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12 thoughts on “Micro Review | Fall is Here (3)”

  1. oooo thanks for the tag Lauren <3, I also don't cater to the seasons with my reading I've read summery books in winter before haha

    1. No worries, I just thought it might be something of interest to y’all as its a handy fortnightly question that you can post whenever with no stress. :D Its nice to get to know people.

      i think its hard to cater reading to seasons, especially when youre a mood reader. good luck with COBAB

  2. Thank you so much for the tag, Lauren! <3 I've never tried Pumpkin Spiced Latte either (nor did I ever have a sip of it), but I really want to, since everyone keeps gushing about it, haha.

    Lovely post! The picture is so pretty, please share your editing secrets with the world. <3

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