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Why these books deserve their own Funko Pops | Anthony from Keep Reading Forward


Why these books deserve their own Funko Pops | written by Anthony from Keep Reading Forward.

As you may know I’m away for a long weekend as a birthday treat so I very kindly asked the #NewBloggers group if anyone would like to guest post whilst I was gone.

One of my BooksandTea moderators – Anthony – said he’d love to take part but wasn’t sure on the topic. I can’t think of Anthony without thinking about his love for Funkos so I suggested this topic which he loved.

Keep reading to find out which books he thinks should have Funko Pops!


Funko Pops! If you haven’t heard of these by now, you should know that these little collective figures are everywhere! Ever since 2010/2011, these figures have been produced for almost everything in pop culture. From comics, movies, and even books, Funko almost covers everything in their Pop! lines. You may even have already seen a few of these in countless pictures from many bookstagram accounts. They are often featured as props to go along with many books featured. Even the Harry Potter franchise has its own line and it is still growing today! One way or another, these cool figures are known to almost everyone today.

As you may have figured out by now, one of the main areas Funko likes to cover for the Pop! lines are books. Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and some childhood favorites like Charlie Brown, The Grinch, and Where the Wild Things Are even have their own Pop! lines as well. Although it may seem that books are well covered by Funko, there isn’t really a lot of books based Pops! available. It almost seems that books either need a movie/show made or have illustrations provided in its pages to be considered for future Pop! products. Which is why there are so many books that are deserving of their own Pop! lines. Even Funko themselves asked which novels everyone wanted to see made last month in August. A lot of hopeful suggestions were given, but who knows which novels Funko will decide on, if any.

Which books are deserving of their own lines you ask? How about Children of Blood and Bone, The Bone Witch, Illuminae and their respective series? Just imagine all the potential the series can offer. Each series would all have amazing designs and diversity to offer. All the fans would want them and collect them. Needlessly to say, there would be so many opportunities to have special Chase versions and exclusives. These series can work for everyone.


In Children of Blood and Bone, the details in the story are already amazing. Imagine the details the Pop! figures could have when they are made. All the cultural details featured in the book infused with the fantasy/mythology details calls for amazing details for each and every character featured in the book. There are also endless possibilities for Chases and some exclusives in which would also be cool to have. Weapons can be featured on the figures or characters could be in mid poses while their powers are in effect. Those kind of figures would totally be cool, right?


I would also say everything said above would go pretty well for The Bone Witch series. All the interesting details offered in the books can provide the amazing details needed on any of the Pop! figures that could possibly be made. However, there is also the potential of more figures to be made. Along with characters, the daevas Tea controls are also a main factor in the series. What if some of the daevas could have their own figures as well? After all, the “beasts” in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them have their own figures as well. The collections here would be outstanding.


Along with the two novels already mentioned, I couldn’t help but think that the entire Illuminae series would be the perfect series to have Pop! figures made. Almost everyone I know is a huge fan of the series, and I am a fan as well. It might be a long shot for some characters, but if designed properly, I think everyone would go crazy for an AIDAN figure. AIDAN is a fan favorite and would be completely different. Also, all the characters in the Illuminae Group would also be amazing to have. They’re already cool, so why not have them as Pop! figures as well? At this point, it is almost common sense.


All of these novels and series are deserving of their own Pop! figures. Of course, all books should be deserving, but these three are what comes to mind first on what I want to see happen. All three series would have amazing details and fun figures to have and collect. I can’t really think of other stories with as much details that could produce amazing figures when the time comes. Hopefully, if the movies planned for Children of Blood and Bone and Illuminae (these are just in development phases so far… one can hope!) comes out, it may give these stories a better chance of finally having these figures made for real. I want them. I think everyone else would want them. Why can’t we just have them already? Funko, make this happen already!

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