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Bank Holiday Book Tag

2017 Wrap Up
It might no longer be a Bank Holiday but I’m trying to be good and actually reply to these tags. Amiiie kindly tagged me a bit ago, so here I go…

1. Have a lie in. Which book could you lounge in bed with all morning?

Sawkill Girls, I’m almost done with reading it but I really don’t want to put it down when I am.

2. Oh my goodness, it’s actually sunny outside! A book that makes you feel optimistic.

Grace and Fury, the sisters never give up on each other and I need that kind of optimisim in my life.

3. Spend some time outdoors. A book that reminds you of nature.

Uprooted, I mean like its literally about a forest that is murdering people.

4. Make some punch. A book that you find difficult to classify into one genre.

The Surface Breaks, its a retelling, a fantasy, a fairytale, a book on feminism…

5. Pass some food around. A book you want to share with everyone.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone, my favourite book series by far.

6. Light the BBQ. A book that took a while to get going.

Sate of Sorrow, though I think this was more my own fault for being confused over all the names beginning with R

7. Failed BBQ. A book that ultimately disappointed you.

The Smoke Thieves, I think I wanted a lot more from this book and with point of views I didn’t enjoy. Once you get past the half way points its not bad.

8. It’s raining. Of course. A book to curl up with when it’s raining outside.

The Raven Boys, I agree with what Amiiie said this is a good rainy day book.

9. Let’s just eat the chocolate. A book that’s super sweet.

The Shadowglass, this might seem like a stretch if you’ve read it but god the characters really care for each other and the endings are very sweet.


As its no longer bank holiday I’m not tagging anyone but you’re welcome to take part if you like the sound of this tag.


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