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Steam Wishlist Clean Up (9)

Since Steam summer sales are arriving soon, Tecsie decided to clean up their Steam wishlist a little bit by writing a Steam Wishlist Clean Up post which was inspired by Lia’s Down the TBR Hole book blogger meme.

I really liked this idea and asked Tecsie if I could take part too so here I am. Though with a slight difference, Tecsie managed to go through a lot more of her wishlist in one go. I already know that will not be the case for me. So you’ll likely see a few of these.

Sit back, enjoy, and browse some video games with me.

Starting Point: 170

I love doing these posts and how excited y’all are for them too! We’ve done enough to know whats happening now so lets dive right in.

I hear you! Lauren how do you have more Final Fantasy games on your wishlist? I just do okay. But not for much longer. Again its not because I don’t want them, but moreso I do and just know I’m unlikely to play them quickly. Good bye to Final Fantasy IX, FF V, and FF VI.

The Witness is an exploration game where you wake up on a strange i sland full of puzzles. Its looks pretty too. We know by now that I’m a fan of exploration games so yeah its staying.

Continuing with the exploration theme we have Firewatch! This has been high on my wishlist since its release, every sale I consider buying it and then realise if I buy it I probably can’t buy much else so I haven’t. Yet. I will though.

The Beginner’s Guide is by the same people who made The Stanley Parable. This definitely isn’t a priority as there aren’t any achievements either but here is the synopsis that has me super intrigued. “It lasts about an hour and a half and has no traditional mechanics, no goals or objectives. Instead, it tells the story of a person struggling to deal with something they do not understand.”

Both Michonne and Minecraft are games by Telltale and as I loved the format of The Wolf Among Us I really want to play all of them and see how they adapt it for different stories.

Corpse Party on the other hand is a game I know very little about but it comes highly recommended and usually people let me know its “pretty fucked up” so …sign me up!

Lastly we have Always Sometimes Monsters. I’m somewhat interested in this as its one of those games where your choices matter. I saw Dodger play a little of it so I’m intrigued but it doesn’t seem like something I’d sink hours in. I could be wrong though.

Well that is it for this week, I hope you’ll come by next week and see what else I have in store.

Stats at the end of this post

Priority: 1 / 10
Keep: 6 / 10
Remove: 3 / 10
Steam Wishlist total: 155

Please let me know if you love any of these games or think you could be interested in any. I really enjoy doing these type of posts as I think it really shows non-gamers the wide choice of games out there because its not often I’ll play those that are big in the media.

Lastly, as I see a lot of you commenting how you do play games, perhaps you want to blog about them more or talk to other gamers? Then check out Games&Dev – I’m always around and want to build up a gaming bloggers community some more

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7 thoughts on “Steam Wishlist Clean Up (9)”

  1. I’ve never been into Final Fantasy myself but I love the graphics! And I’ve watched loads of videos on Corpse Party, it’s fun!

  2. I made the mistake of trying out a Corpse Party game years ago and I legit had nightmares about a game about cute pixel girls so it’s definitely messed up :’D

  3. I’ve never tried Final Fantasy, to my great shame. I’m curious about it, but I’m not 100% sure I want to. As for the other games, I’m ashamed to say I haven’t heart of any of them. The Witness sounds awesome though, and it sounds like something I’d enjoy as well. We’ll see if I end up playing it.

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