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Books and Tea: Meet the Members | Auxygen

books and tea meet hte membner
Books and Tea |
Meet the Members

I run an online book club called Books and Tea and I love it dearly. I mean obviously I do or I wouldn’t still be running it.

I also wouldn’t be able to run it without the members as their activity within the club and their love for it too keeps it active and running smoothly.

I’m big on supporting the members and showing my appreciation for them and what better way to do so than to have guest posts from them – and thats what this feature will be.

For now I’m posting one every two weeks and I’ve provided the members with 4 open questions to answer and then a space to talk about anything they’d like – something they’re a fan of, something they do outside of the book club, or something they’re passionate about.

Introducing Auxygen
My name is Andrew, I am a 22 year old male, and I have a major passion for reading. I unfortunately do not have the attention to blog, so I entertain my interests in Books and Tea by chatting with fellow members. I live in the state of Michigan. The name that I use online is Auxygen – it is an amalgamation of the chemical symbol for Gold and then Oxygen. You can find my Goodreads profile here.

How did you get into the online bookish world?
One day in April of 2018 I decided to get back into reading when I stepped into a used book shop with my mother. She was browsing and wanted to get some books. I decided to look around in the sci-fi section, as that is my favorite genre. I found the first four Dune books for $10 USD and had to get them, as I had heard so much about them. Once I got home, I had the idea to find a book club community and I had searched Google for a book-related Discord chat. That is when I found Books and Tea, on April 10, 2018. From there it was suggested to create a Goodreads profile to catalog and review books I have read or want to read.

Tell us about your time on Books and Tea
Books and Tea has been a safe haven for me. I was going through a rough time in late March to early April of 2018. When I joined the group, I was met with welcoming open arms. Everyone was happy to have me and to chat about the books I enjoy and love. I was able to participate in my first ever secret santa themed swap, called the summer swap. I sent a book that I enjoyed to someone else and I received a book that I have been wanting to read for ages, called Foundation by Isaac Asimov. I have met several amazing people in Books and Tea and made several strong friendships. The group is very tame and well managed by the staff.

Have you found and enjoyed any books thanks to Books and Tea?
When participating in Books and Tea Summer Swap, I received Foundation by Isaac Asimov. I started to skim through it and plan to eventually read it all of the way. It is a series I have wanted to read for a while now. I plan to get into the series as it is very expansive. Thank you to whoever sent this book to me. It is appreciated.

Tell us something fun!
As many members of Books and Tea know, I am extremely passionate about Frank Herbert’s Dune series. I came across it during a very hard time in my life, similar to how I found Books and Tea. The series perfectly includes elements of science fiction, politics, ecology, fantasy, and history.

This small piece of text will not include any spoilers.

The entire story is beautiful and has many philosophical meanings of our current society and where society could be heading. Further in the series it speaks in an optimistic way of where humanity must head. Humanity must not get comfortable with one area of the universe, it must spread wide and free. A major factor of Dune that I love is an event that predates the book, which is spoken of, that is called the Butlerian Jihad where some time in our current near future we destroyed all technology that could be used to replicate what the human mind can do itself. Computers, calculators, anything of the sort. The books take place in a future where there are humans with computer-like brains called mentats, who can do any calculations mentally in seconds.

This book series has a lot of great philosophies. It helped change the way I think about several things, such as how to treat others and how to respect technology. I would heavily recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi or just good books in general.

Atraides Palace byMark Molnar –

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4 thoughts on “Books and Tea: Meet the Members | Auxygen”

  1. Love this idea! It’s cool to get to know people and it’s a great thing that you’re highlighting some of your members. I would so love to join your book club but I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with it – I’m barely keeping up with the books I already own!!

    1. i mean youre welcome to stop by and never take part in any of the readalongs/thons.

      theres a general chat or bookish chat and a blogging area too so if u ever want to just look for recomendations or share some blogging content that works too ^^

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