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#OrionOnTour – Manchester

Orion on Tour | Publishing Event in Manchester
Waking up one morning to an email from Zabiba at Orion with an invite to an event they were holding really made my day.

Not going to lie at first I was sad because I assumed it would be in London and I wouldn’t be able to go but on closer inspection it wasnt! It was local and I would be there!
image002First of all how lovely is the invite? I really liked the design they chose but also added excitement because I had no idea what authors would be there but at least the Gollancz logo was there at the bottom!

I met up with Becky and Beth before hand. We were all dying from the wild heat wave that is happening in the UK and as we had some time to spare we headed to Costa for some food and cooling drinks.

I really loved spending time with them and getting to catch up with each of them. We talked about some of our recent reads and excitement for YALC.

We had no idea where Trof was but google maps let us know it was a very easy route to get there and upon arriving we saw our friends Fiona, Kimi, and Kate sat in a booth so we joined them for a bit – played a little bit of pokemon go too! Louis joined us too!

I love seeing these girls and talking to them, they’re all so lovely and make me feel very at home and welcome in the blogging community. If I’m ever doubting myself I know I can think back to my times with all of them (and some others) and feel better again.

As there was a few of us downstairs and Trof is kinda on the small side we headed up even though we were a little early. The staff from Orion greeted us and were all so sweet and lovely. Told us about a few upcoming books and offered us free drinks.

I don’t even drink wine but who is going to say no to free wine? Not me apparently. (side note: still not a fan)

Here is a close up of some of the tables. Gollancz’ was glowing of course. But I spotted a few other books that caught my eye and looked interesting too.

I got to speak to a lot of people which I can’t express how thankful I am to have had this opportunity. It really was amazing.

I got to talk in depth with Caroline Hulse – mostly about her dog – who I can’t wait to meet in August. This legit makes us sound like we’re best buds but her dog get anxious when left alone so he gets to come to her event!!! (Her book The Adults is out 18th August)

And Katie Brown spoke to us about our favourite authors and genres, and also we gave her encouraging feedback about how important we think it is that Publishing brave having offices that aren’t in London.

Okay and now I’ll share the books I got! Which I know is the real reason you’re here:

The Last Namsara | The Belles | One Way | Sharp Objects | History of Wolves

Ahh how exciting! If you’ve been here a while you’ll know that The Belles was on my YALC wishlist so I’m amazed to have a copy. I also heard really good things about One Way from Jenn.

I’m superย excited to read these. Also the two thin books at the bottom are pretty awesome – the blue has the start of a few of their fictions books and the other is a catalogue of upcoming releases and I’ve alread eyed one up for a review copy ngl.

Have you read any of these books, which should I pick up first?
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