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Poetry Review: Blood and Flowers by K Carrion

Blood and Flowers by K. Carrion
Genre: Poetry
Length: 66 pages
Published on 28th December 2016 by K Carrion
Purchase: Amazon
K. Carrion: Website | Goodreads
Purchased for myself from Amazon

“A simple collection of poetry. Very vivid, yet dour. Emotional and powerful. Every ounce of one’s soul poured out into words.”

I purchased a copy of Blood and Flowers for myself for two reasons. One because supporting friends is great and two, because it is a very reasonable price over on amazon (also part of the kindle unlimited books so you could check it out on that).

Of course I couldn’t start this review without stating that yes the author is a friend of mine, I met K. Carrion via my book club and after reading a few other poetry books I thought yup I guess its time to drop my “I don’t really read poetry” stance and also read this collection too.

Obviously I am not a poetry expert. But as April was National Poetry Month the book club voted this to be our read-along book of the month.

Blood and Flowers contains themes of abusive relationships, anxiety, survival, depression, and questioning oneself.

I really liked how these themes were approached because whilst the poems tackle some heavy topics they never felt too overwhelming or too hard to read. They felt realistic but in a dream type of way and I think this has a lot to do with her use of imagery.

The repeated use of a few key words throughout the book also helped the poems connect, it made them feel as one, like a journey you’re going on with her.

Whilst this is only a small book it is still very powerful and emotive. Myself and other book club members agreed in our discussion afterwards that we found the poems to be very relatable.

Here are a few of the poems that I saved whilst reading:

4 stars / 5 stars
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