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Cosy Candles | Wax Melts Review #sponsored


A lot of book lovers now love candles thanks to getting so many in our bookish subscription boxes and when I saw Cosy Candles had two different ones I knew I had to give them a try.

Cosy Candles is a monthly subscription box that delivers highly scented soy wax melts.

Cosy Pod (£14.99) is a surprise selection of 6 different wax melts that are 80g each! This means the box is approximately 480 hours of fragrance.

Mini Melt (£9.99) is 28 heart shaped wax melts which include 4 different scents and each mini melt is 5g. This box provides 140 hours of fragrance.

Keep reading to find out more, what I got, and how you can save some money! (Please note Cosy Candles provided this product for review)

Cosy Pod Subscription Box

I reached out to Cosy Candles in hopes of doing a sponsored post for them and was thrilled when they followed me on social media as I knew they had at the very least seen my email. A few days later and the June Cosy Pod Subscription box showed up!

I liked how the box its posted in is thin enough to fit through your letterbox which is super handy if you’re not in when the postman visits. Too many times I’ve had to visit neighbours to collect stuff.

Upon opening the box you see a sheet that tells you what to expect inside and below your wax melts are wrapped in some tissue paper.


After unwrapping I was honestly surprised at how large the wax melts were. I know they’re 80g but still, for this price? I’m hella impressed.

They also provided a 30% off your first box if you enter the code LAUREN30

Before I even began to smell them all I knew there would be at least one I didn’t like – the Lemon Sherbert – and thats simply because citrus smells give me a headache. But I was hopeful about he others.

They did not disappoint!

Of the 5 other fragrances 4 of them I loved and the other one I was somewhat keen of.

The Pink Champagne and Peony & Blush were definitely my favourite two with Fresh Linen and Seaweed & Juniper closely following them. It was so lovely to enjoy these fragrances.

You can also find them on twitter and instagram to find out more informations and see what other fragrances they have to purchase.

Pink Champagne

Once my mum got back from her trip I begged for the spare Wax Melt Burner so I wouldn’t have to deny her of the hallway burner, she was a bit confused why so I showed her the parcel and explained what was happening and she was really excited about it.

We both agreed the amount and sizes of each wax melt was amazing value for money.


I decided I wanted to try the Pink Champagne. The size meant we could easy cut it up and use only what we needed at the time which is really handy because it also means you could mix up bits of different melts to get a unique fragrance.

Its likely thats how I’ll end up using the lemon one as its a smaller amount the fragrance wont be as strong – if you’re a lemon lover then this one is definitely for you.


As you can see there was some left over wax from whatever we used previously – I have no idea what is was – but it wasn’t very strong and when I returned from work I could smell the Pink Champagne perfectly. It worked super well in the room we used it in.

I’m very happy with this box and I’m sure these wax melts will get great use! I’d definitely recommend checking them out.

As a final reminder you can use the discount code “LAUREN30” at the checkout to gain 30% off your first box.

*This is a sponsored post, I receieved the June Cosy Pods Subscription Box for free in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I love candle melts!! They smell sooo good. I love the colors on here. They really pop!

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