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Poetry Review: The Goddess Collection by Ailie Wallace

The Goddess Collection by Ailie Wallace
Genre: Poetry | Feminism
Length: 39 pages
Published on 1st March 2018 by Ailie Wallace
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Ailie Wallace: Website | Twitter | Goodreads
eCopy recieved for review from the author.

What does it mean to be a Goddess in the 21st century? The Goddess Collection explores this idea through ideas and themes facing modern-day women. Ailie Wallace takes us on a journey exploring motherhood, body image, sexual assault, domestic abuse, careers and women’s roles, and finds common links between the Goddesses of Ancient Greece and the Goddesses of today.

I apparently review a lot of poetry now.

When Ailie approached me to review her poetry collection I was sold because it appeared that she had done her research before emailing me which is always a big plus. She acknowledged its outside my usual content but when mentioning the themes of the poems I knew I had to say yes.

The Goddess Collection is twelve poems paired with art work and focus on the overaching theme of what it means to be a Goddess in the 21st century.

I really liked the foreward as Ailie address how she came to writing this collection and her experiences with the Goddess’ and I just felt very connected to her and found myself nodding in agreeance with some of the things she mentioned.

The images above portray how the poems are paired with art, generally the two connect with a theme of a certain Goddess. I picked these two to share as I really liked the medias used with The Dance of War and this poems is one of my favourites.The other themes she approaches within the collection are sexual assault, motherhood, and feminism. I really enjoyed this quick read and would recommend picking it up.However, there are two things I noticed that I would advise to be aware of before reading.One I think its very clear that this poetry collection is personal and based upon personal experiences for Ailie so there are few that have lines towards motherhood or womens bodies that are cis-focused. I don’t believe this is done to exclude anyone, and is instead just a portrayal of her experiences.

The other aspect is whilst I loved the whole visual approach of this collection I believe part of the design aspect let it down. I know this is completely such a design student gripe but I think the poems should’ve been allowed to flow onto pages rather than having the type size altered / layout changed to get a poem to fit on one page. My reason for this, aside from general aesthetic rules, is that I think altering the size and restricting the poems to a page could be seen as a comparison to the content of the poems on how we’re forced to fit specific molds.

3.5 stars / 5 stars
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