Remedy Roots | I’m finally talking about tea #sponsored


As many of you may know by now I spend a lot of my time drinking tea, I think there is nothing better paired with a good book and comfy place to read.

Afterall, I didn’t name my book club Books and Tea for no reason.

Thanks to our Tea Pals – like pen pals but with added tea – and book supcription boxes I started trying new types of tea which has been amazing.

Recently I decided to look into what other blogging opportunities were out there.

Here enters Remedy Roots – a tea company that offer a range of loose leaf herbal teas. Keep reading to find out more, what I tried, and how you can save some money! (Please note Remedy Roots provided the tea for review)

Remedy Roots


Remedy Roots have a variety of loose leaf herbal teas with natural ingredients that focus on different remedies for stress, tiredness, or illness.

As well as being able to purchase the tea individually they also offer a monthly subscription box that delivers a selection of tea blends fresh to your doorstep,  a make your own herbal tea kit, and some teapots!

I really like the idea of the subscription box because its so easy to forget to purchase more teas or only stick to That One You Love.

For this post they sent me two samplers to try – Skin Refresh and Immune Booster. I think it was great they allowed me to select which ones I was interested in as anything that is too citrus heavy I tend to avoid.

They also provided a 15% off for you lovely guys if you enter the code booksandtea

The packaging is lovely and keeps with the theme of natural ingredients. I’m a big fan of the illustrations on the front of both of these packages and I think when I’m through with them I’ll be trying to remove them and stick into my bulley journal.

(Floral illustrations are some of my favourites!)

I think the hardest part was waiting a week to open my package until I had a camera again!

You can also find them on twitter and instagram. I also like their blog where they talk about tea and other natural remedies! I’m really into this stuff but its hard to explore where I currently live so reading blogs like this means I still get some knowledge ready for when I have my own place.

Skin Refresh

I chose to try Skin Refresh first as the description says its “great for healing the skin…this teais all about feeling great in your own body and space” and after the stressful week I’d had my skin was in some dire need of extra care.
I also picked it because I preferred the smell, its very floral and delicate, and the colours within the loose tea are very pretty too. Almost perfumey but not over the top at all.

Skin Refresh’s ingredient list is hibiscus, rose, camomile, calendula, elderflower, and lavender.

As you can see it looks great too. I really enjoyed this tea and could see myself drinking it often. In fact after finishing the first cup I went and made a second.

I think the taste also matches the smell and it was very easy to drink.

I also liked how on the packaing it lets you know brewing time, and that you can use the leaves for a second cup if you brew for longer! Handy to know, though as you can see I probably need  to upgrade my infuser if I wanted to do that.

Immune Booster

I showed the teas I had recieved to my mums fiance and he really liked the sound of the Immune Booster as it includes Tumeric and he knew that is good for you as an anti-inflammatory. (He’s spends a lot of time cycling and trying out different natural remedies to help with his health).

This meant he tried a mug before even I did and he said its a new taste for him but that he liked it and would keep drinking it if I was okay with that.

Immune Booster’s ingredient list is elderberries, elderflowers, calendula, camomile, turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger.

As of the cinnamon and ginger I was more apprehensive of this one as they’re something I’ve not been a fan of in the past but in this blend with the other ingredients it works well. They’re not potenent and din’t put me off.

I really liked the taste of this tea too, and its smells reminds me of smokey woods!

The reason I picked this tea out for one to try is because if anyone knows me in person then they also know I’m likely followed by a cough or runny nose. So a tea that has says it can try and keep you happy and healthy is definitely something for me.

I was a fan of both of these teas and will definitely be finishing my sample packets and purchasing more! They have a Turmeric Latte that I think I’ll be getting for mums fiance and the Sleep Well is high on my list to try too.

As a final reminder you can use the discount code “booksandtea” at the checkout to gain 15% off so browse their site and see if anything takes your fancy.

*This is a sponsored post,  I receieved 2 50g tea samples to try and review with my honest opinion.

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19 thoughts on “Remedy Roots | I’m finally talking about tea #sponsored”

  1. How lovely! There are a couple of tea subscription boxes that I really want to try out, but the shipping to Germany is always so pricey :(

    There used to be a US box called the Death Eaters Tea Club that had delicious sounding flavors like Voldemort’s Gingerbread Cookie.

    1. Yes it was so nice, family are already encouraging me to get some more because they’re stealing the tea from me haha.

      Thats cute, I dont tend to buy boxes from the US bc of shipping costs.

    1. I used to drink only english breakfast but ive been trying more and more flavours now and surprised at how many i actually do like.

      Not a fan of earl grey tho bc it tastes like perfume……

  2. I don’t forget to buy tea, I forget I HAVE tea when I buy them. Oops. But what coffee is to some people, tea is to me. Along with chocolate. Always the chocolate first as caffeine choice if available before I go down the list. Coffee is last.

    I love the drawings on the packaging! It kind of adds a personal touch in my opinion, but maybe that’s just me. I’m glad you enjoyed Remedy Roots, Lauren – here’s to more tea! ☕

    1. I do go throug stages where I wont have tea beccause Im feeling too lazy to go and make some :’) Having more choices of tea has combated that a bit for me though.

      Chocolate is awesome too!!

      Yes I rly hope I can stick them into my bujo

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