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Steam Wishlist Clean Up (1)

Since Steam summer sales are arriving soon, Tecsie decided to clean up their Steam wishlist a little bit by writing a Steam Wishlist Clean Up post which was inspired by Lia’s Down the TBR Hole book blogger meme.

I really liked this idea and asked Tecsie if I could take part too so here I am. Though with a slight difference, Tecsie managed to go through all her wishlist in one go. I already know that will not be the case for me. So you’ll likely see a few of these.

Sit back, enjoy, and browse some video games with me.

Starting Point: 170

Yikes! Do I really have 170 games on my Steam Wishlist?

Yes I do. Or I did at the start of this post. If you look now, hopefully it should be lower.

Lets get started!

I’ve organised it from the date added and I’ll aim to get through 20 games in each post.

The Sims 3: Showtime and Into the Future are DLCs that I’ll definitely be keeping on my wishlist. They’re not priority DLCs as I don’t sink hours into Sims 3 any more but I would like the whole collection.

The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and Oblivion are another two for the keep pile. I’ve never played these two TES games but they come highly recomended and I spent a lot of time on Skyrim so at some point I do think I’d like to try these. I can’t see myself instantly playing them so its more of a “oh I got some free time now, hooray” purchase.

Got some more classics here.

Whilst I really enjoy the Final Fantasy series I honestly don’t see myself putting time into or completing FF VII so I’m removing this one.

As for Prince of Persia and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time neither of them have achievements which lowers my desire to prioritise the game when its in queue to play and even though I’m interested in both I think I’ll sacrifice The Sands of Time and keep the other.

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes was recommended to me when I was still running gmaes on a potato. I am however still interested in this as I’ve watched Dodger play some of these games and they look like my exact cup of tea. This is a priority game.I’m a sucked for exploration games so that is why The Novelist is staying – though it is full priced at £7.19 so I’d definitely have to keep an eye out for it going below £5 as I usually finish these types very quickly.

The Cat Lady was another highly recommended game and whilst the sound of it does appeal to me… honestly its just too ugly and offends my eyes. Every sale I’ve seen to go really cheap and every sale I’ve skipped over it because of this reason so I think it is finally time to part ways.

Wow. I said I’d do 20 a post but I had a bit to say about these games so I’ll wrap up here. Lets see how I did.

Stats at the end of this post

Priority: 1 / 10
Keep: 6 / 10
Remove: 3 / 10
Steam Wishlist total: 167

Have you played any of these games, if so what did you think of them? Or do any of these games sound like something you’d play?

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19 thoughts on “Steam Wishlist Clean Up (1)”

  1. Good luck with going through your wishlist, it’s like twice as long as mine was when i started :’D Aks is most likely happy you kept the TES games around haha

  2. I haven’t played any of these games, although I’m really interested in PoP. I’m one of *those* gamers that judge every new installment by how much I enjoyed the one I grew up with, so I am curious to see how PoP does. As for the rest, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes sounds super interesting.It kind of reminds me of that old game Syberia, if you know it. I love the idea of a whishlist clean up. I might have to do a similar thing for my books, because god knows that shelf needs a cleanup lol

    Great post!

  3. I LOVE this post. I play a lot of games on steam but luckily I am such a cleanup geek that I go through my list at least once a month to get rid of games I don’t want anymore and add a few new ones. Also, thanks for reminding me about the steam sale. We’re supposed to be moving in a months time so… that’s gonna go well :’)

  4. Wow, 170 games is a lot! I think I only have like 25 on my wishlist.

    I haven’t played The Sims 3 in forever, but I’m playing Sims Mobile on my Dad’s tablet lately…The DLCs sound fun,but they’re all so expensive even after years :/

      1. I don’t even have Sims 3 installed at the moment, but yes, steam sales are always huge :D

  5. Good luck with your wishlist! I keep mine pretty tight since I don’t play very many games. But Oblivion was one of the first PC games I got into, I loved it!!!

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