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Rewind: Haul Post (4)


So for those of you who don’t know prior to this blog I used to blog under the same name on blogger (it now redirects here so, sorry, but you can’t check it out) from 2011.

I thought it would be interesting to go back and view my first ever haul posts to see what books I got and whether or not I ever read them.

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In My Mailbox (6)

This was only a small haul and I didn’t even write anything about obtaining these books. I’m guessing that I quickly purchased the rest of The Hunger Games trilogy because I was enjoying the first so much. I also recall my Dad purchased A Whisper of Blood for me and had a lot of trouble even finding a copy – does anyone know why?

I’ve read the first two books because I ended up devouring that series in a week. I did start A Whisper of Blood, I can even tell you its on my “books with a book mark in” book shelf at the end of my bed …but I definitely didn’t make much progress. Ooops.

In My Mailbox (7)
Okay the last haul was a small one so I’ll give you a two for one blog post.

Water for Elephants was borrowed from the library for my college book club and I enjoyed it more than expected.

The two marvel graphic novels were part of magazine collection but my Dad stopped purchasing after the first two due to its heavy price tag. I’ve moved the Spider-Man one to my to sell/trade book shelf as I’m unlikely to ever read it but I’ve kept Dark Phoenix because she’s my fave.

Sword in the Storm was purchased second hand after it came to me heavily recommended but I’ve yet to read it. Maid for Me was an ebook giveaway win but I’ve never picked it up – have you?

Genus and The Night Circus I picked up eCopies of as they were on sale. The latter I read for a GoodReads book club and loved it! But I never read Genus even though the cover is still really appealing to me.

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10 thoughts on “Rewind: Haul Post (4)”

  1. Aww the only one I have on my shelf is the night circus. Which, I tried, but dnfed like halfway in it as I was just too lost 🙈

    Maid for me has quite and original cover .., I wonder what that one is about!

    1. its definitely a read that requires some attention and tracking of things. i really enjoyed it and ended up buying a physcial copy but idk when ill find the time to reread it

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