YALC | My potential TBR

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I put a poll up on twitter regarding what post y’all wanted to see first and this won.

As you can see I titled it “potential TBR” and I say this due to the fact I’ve thrown together all the books I own that I could take to be signed but I’m not 100% sold on some of them as they may not be my cuppa tea. Those I’m not completely sure on I’ll only take if I have the bag room, I don’t wanna do what I did last year and completely ruin my back.


I guess calling this a TBR is a slight lie too because theres 1 book on here I’ve already read which is Everless. I just have to make sure I remember to take my two copies to get them signed because I really enjoyed it.

I guess I should share the other books:

I know I know. No need to tell me how many great books I’m missing out on. I believe high priority on my list are Children of Blood and Bone, The Hazel Wood, The Bone Seasons, and The Exact Opposite of Okay (which is actually already signed I just need to read it because Laura has been such a great person).

I doubt I’ll get around to Tarnished City as I have the first to read too (already signed thanks to a giveaway win).

Do you think any of the others should be top priority? Or am I wrong with the ones I already lited and should focus on others?

Update: I’ve since had a copy of Colour Me In by Lydia Ruffles sent to me and Becky has a second copy of Spare and Found Parts that she is very kindly passing on to me – so thats another two!


As if that isn’t enough books, there are obviously ones I’m wishing for too.

And of course y’all want to know those too, right?

Rebel of the Sands (read) and Hero at the Fall (unread) are high on my list to buy. So I can have the full series signed!

Update: I won my eBay bid today so Rebel of the Sands is now on its way to me.

Blackwing by Ed McDonald and A Pocketful of Crows by Joanne Harris because I’ve been really intrigued by these since seeing them at YALC last year. I’ve since been conviced to try Runemarks too!

Alice was hand sold to me at Nottingham Watersones so I really can’t wait for that. Plus of course I want her Mermaid book that is out soon.

The Belles, Sweet Black Waves, The Surface Breaks, and The Mime Order are on the wishlist too but I am not made of money so we’ll just have to see where I’m at.


Are you attending YALC? If so let me know and I can add you to my twitter list!Who are you excited to meet and what are the panels are you planning to attend?

Also because I apparently have too much time on my hands I also made this spreadsheet of all the authors announced, links to their books on Goodreads and Twitters, and organised it by what day they’ll be there.

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19 thoughts on “YALC | My potential TBR”

  1. The Hazel Wood was definitely a good one. I’d keep that near the top of the list. :) Before I Let Go, though, I’d leave to the end and focus on better ones. That title didn’t sit well with me at all. :/

    1. haha surprsingly you did name one of the ones i wasn’t looking forward too. someone gave me a copy for free so i was like huh sure ok idk what its about but a free book is a free book

  2. *inhale* I WAS HERE !!!
    *aherm* I read that ๐Ÿ˜˜ you can peak at my review if it can help you.. but as itโ€™s rather old im not completely sure its spoiler free anymore … mmh.

    Also OH. That little mermaid retelling.. i wanna read that.

  3. All I’ve read in this pile is Everless. I think you should move up The Hazel Wood and Half Bad, definitely, because I’ve been holding off reading them, and if you love them, It’ll give me more of a push to read them. ***Also I really want the surface breaks, too!

  4. Hahaha I will use your spreadsheet or make mine ;-) I need to work on my TBR too and decide which workshop I want to attend to! The ones about building a world or about building characters seem pretty interesting!

  5. I’ll be there on Friday & Saturday! Finally meeting Sally Green is a big deal for me & meeting Lydia Ruffles & Lucy Adlington is also HUGE for me. Matt Killeen is also a must & I’m popping down into LFCC for Pearl Mackie’s talk & maybe to get some photos done :D

  6. I’m so fascinated about YALC and honestly never thought about attending until I saw all of these posts and now I have a need! hahahaha. I’m not even sure how to attend or go about it. I did a search once and there was no information of the page of the people who ran it! But I hope you have fun and get to meet/sign everything you want/bring with you! โค๏ธ

  7. I wish I was attending, but you go have fun! So many of these books are on my TBR. The Belles is on my wish list too, as well as State of Sorrow. I absolutely loved reading Children of Blood and Bone and I hope you will too! I have Everless but have yet to read it :D

  8. I wish we had more bookish events like YALC! Definitely make Children of Blood and Bone a priority. The publisher just sent me a hardcover of Rebel of the Sands, but I’m SO jealous that you may just get it signed eeeek!!! Have fun at the event, Lauren! :))

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

  9. I hope you’ll have an amazing time at YALC, I really wish I could go, but I don’t live in the UK and won’t be able to make the trip…. I wish for unlimited holidays to do that, that’d be the dream ๐Ÿ˜‚
    You have such a fantastic TBR and amazing books ahead of you! I haven’t read Children of Blood and Bone just yet, but everyone keeps RAVING about it, I hope you’ll love it. I also can’t wait to read The Exact Opposite of Okay, it sounds amazing :D

  10. Woo this was the post I voted for! I’m so excited for YALC but literally feel like I have no time to read most of these books before I go! Good luck and hope I bump into you when I’m there!

    Uptown Oracle

  11. I’ve got an extra! I read The Lonelist Girl in the Universe by Lauren James (who’s there on Saturday)… Its really good! Its a quick read too, but I do wish it was a bit longer! I’m going too and that’s the only relevant book I’ve read… whoops!

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