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Books and Tea Book Club | May Read-along


Books and Tea Book Club | May Read-along
Back at it again with the update on next months read-along? You bet I am. If you want a full run down on what my Book Club has to offer please visit this post. Yes, I finally created a new one!

It took till mid April for me to realise I never made the blog announcement of this months read-along book and I’m very sorry for that. Travelling and having family members in the hospital made blogging not a priority.

News aside though, keep reading for an update on Aprils and what we will be reading throughout May.

Aprils theme was Poetry with it being National Poetry Month! The winning book was none other than Blood and Flowers by K. Carrion – a collection of poems by one of our own members! I was pretty estatic it won.

As the book club read The Bone Witch last year we also had a read-along for The Heart Forger because d’uh we love what Rin creates.


The chats for these two books, as well as one to share poems from online magazines or instagram posts, will remain open for another month to allow people to read at their own speed as we know people have busy lives.

If you just want to hop right in and join the book club you can here.

For May’s theme we got members to submit #OwnVoices recommendations seeing as though last year this was a well loved theme.

Afer a few days voting we had 3 clear books that were getting peoples attention so I had to create a tie-breaker vote. Can you guess which won out of the following three?

Well the winning book surprised me. I fully expected the newest release to win, however Forest of a Thousand Lanterns was the winner!33958230

I’m super excited to start this book and its very fitting it won due to the fact I gave away a copy of this within the book club last year when I received a second copy via FairyLoot.

If you’re interested in reading Forest of a Thousand Lanterns feel free to stop by the discord chat and sign up.

We have a dedicated chat to the book so you can discuss it with other members, and avoid spoiling those who aren’t taking part.

As mentioned at the start of the year, the 2018 Series Read-along of His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman is still going forward. The aim is to move onto the third book around the middle of March but don’t fret because I have yet to pick up the first one yet either… Well, I haven’t at the time I’m writing this post anyway.


So if any of these books spark your interest and you want to discuss them with others who are reading, please feel free to join. We will be planning our Summer Book Swap soon too.
Have you read any of these?

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