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Review: Chuck Tingle special

Pounded in the Butt by My Own Butt by Chuck Tingle
Genre: Erotica | Humour
Length: 38 pages
Published on 19th March 20145 by Chuck Tingle
Purchase: Amazon
Chuck Tingle: Website | Twitter | Goodreads
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Kirk is a scientific researcher on the leading edge of cloning technology, but his team has reached a standstill. In an effort to stabilize rapid clone growth, researchers have been taking DNA from various parts of their bodies and combining it with small amounts of animal DNA.
But when the scientists combine samples from Kirk’s butt, brain, and a hawk, the resulting effect is a handsome, living ass who immediately sweeps Kirk off of his feet over a candlelit dinner for two.Kirk has finally found a lover that truly understands him at his very core… his own gay ass!This erotic tale is 4,000 words of sizzling human on gay ass action, including anal, blowjobs, rough sex, cream pies and sentient butt love.

So I’m back from America now and honestly what better way to announce my arrival back in the UK other than with some erotica reviews.

But not just any erotica. No.

Chuck Tingle erotica.

Now if you haven’t noticed yet then uh go double check the title of this book and its cover before you continue…


Okay well Chuck Tingles work is on the questionable side of serious so possibly don’t be put off by the fact its erotica.

One dark and stormy night my book club and I were doing our usual chattings and shenanigans and we found out about the God that is Chuck Tingle with his amazing book covers and titles. We banded together and created a fan-tumblr and all promised to read at least one of his amazing works of art.

I picked up Pounded in the Butt by My Own Butt because I just had to know how this would be written. Also that cover is something.

The writing isn’t terrible but its also hard to say with a straight face that this is strictly erotica. It was very comical and therefor I wasn’t entirely sure how to rate it.

I mean there are even some wise words within

So how does this winged butt creation come about?

Oh you know, my pure accident.

One of my favourite passages:

which 14 other people agreed with.

Once your butt exists what would you do? Keep it in the lab for further testing …or maybe take it out to a fancy restaurant?

Yup the restaurant it is, because an expensive dish is the predecessor of a good old butt pounding.

With a flying butt.


Not the waiter or any guests. It simply happens.

Which is brilliant.

Anyway, the actual pounding was a pounding indeed and they both seemed very happy. Especially considering the butt has his memories so he knew exactly how to please him.

Once these 38 pages were over I was graciously greeted with another story that I didn’t realise was included.

So now we move to Unicorn Butt Cops: Beach Patrol and honestly if that cover at the top of the post didn’t inspire you to read this I’m not sure what else will.

This one is only 15 pages but you get a full in public anal threesome as punishment for stealing. Oh and two of them are half unicorns because why not.

If you’ve read any Chuck Tingle books let me know! If you haven’t, are you gonna try them?

Also I have just found out that he is now creating a podcast with Nightvale Presents so check that out if it’s more your thing.

? / 5 stars
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9 thoughts on “Review: Chuck Tingle special”

  1. I cannot believe a review and a book can make me laugh so much! This is pure nonsense, but amazing at the same time? When I saw the cover I though the butt was there for a bit of erotica fanservice, but no…. that butt is… is is there!

  2. I kinda hate that you made me want to read one of these. Like I completely confused by what I should do right now. So I think I’m going to check out the podcast and wonder what the hell decisions I am making the entire time.

    But also this is now your fault 😂

    1. ive still only listened to the advert of the podcast. i might have to go and actually check it out now!

      i love that people are intrugied by this becuase its bizarre and i love it and its so stupid

      1. Everyone needs something that is just stupid and entertaining every now and then! I feel like I could be in the worst mood and listen to it and I would at least chuckle a little.

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