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Games&Dev | Do you like video games?


Games&Dev | Discord chat for gamers
Hopefully by now Discord is not a new thing for my readers as I’ve spoken about this super handy app before as I host my book club on it. But I’m here today to talk about a server that I somewhat help mod – Gams&Dev which is run by Akselmo.

Games&Dev is a small community for people who like playing and/or making video games. Recently we also added in a section for those who blog about video games too! So please click here to join if any of this sounds of interest to you – or keep reading to know more.

For anyone who is here reading this who hasn’t given Discord a try yet, here is a screen shot of the chats available within the Games&Dev server.
ff39fa5edcbbccb73dd347f8aeaa4775The first two chats are to help you find your feet in the server. You can’t speak here but you can read up on the rules and any recent announcements that have happened.

General is where the regular and daily good old chit chat happens and self-promo is an area you can show off the content you have been working on – this includes things such as when when you’re streaming, YouTube videos, games, music, etc.

Then of course there’s the dedicated Gaming&Tech and Dev&Tech categorised channels for if you want to talk specifically about gaming, tech, development, or share resources you’ve found to help others along their way!

Beep boop! Now on to the area I got moderator for.

There is the blog post chat to share your blog posts on video games and the bloggign help chat for those who’re just starting out and want to talk to some

Video game bloggers, where on earth are you?! At the moment I only blog about gaming once a month and ideally I’d like to do it more often but with my reader base being mostly book lovers I haven’t quiet done that leap of faith yet.

Which, I guess, is where this blog post comes in.

Finding people who’re enthusiastic about video games. Its a little harder to find devs. But finding bloggers? Who support each other?

*looks under rocks*

Where are you?

Come out from hiding and be like the book blogging community is or point me in the direction of where y’all are hiding.

Lastly, here is the invite link again.

Oh and this will be the last post I make for 2 weeks as I’m going on holiday so keep up with me on twitter or via discord!

 It would mean the world to me if any of you who’re gamers stop by!
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8 thoughts on “Games&Dev | Do you like video games?”

  1. I’m in the same boat! I rarely play games, but I do play one on the laptop and a few on my phone. I do want to post about that game more often though… At least with catching my photography on there. 😅

    Since most of my audience are book nerds it’s a little hard for me. I sometimes get interactions on that, sometimes I don’t. And it’s really hard when you want to implement books with gaming. 🤷 (Bookish twist?)

    1. I play a lot but like mostly ones with my friends so its not worth me talking about them because I’m not engaging in stuff I love as much.

      Yes please post about your video games, i wanna find more people blogging about games :P I still do one a month and the posts do *ok*

  2. Sent this off to my boyfriend :) I think most video game people either stream, or have Youtube, so they probably blog less often. Something about a lot of them not liking reading things xD hahah.
    I was also gonna ask, so how is that discord thing you really wanted to be picked up for? What do you do there now? I don’t even recall what it’s called, I’m such a noob xD

    1. Ah thank you! Greatly appreciated.

      I know but they should blog :P I do see some in the tags but I’m always scared to go comment and visit thinking theyll be put off by books haha.

      Oh the HypeSquad thing? I dont really *do* anything, it just means I get a lil badge on my discord profile and we get newsletters about exciting things :)

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