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Rewind: Haul Post (3)


So for those of you who don’t know prior to this blog I used to blog under the same name on blogger (it now redirects here so, sorry, but you can’t check it out) from 2011.

I thought it would be interesting to go back and view my first ever haul posts to see what books I got and whether or not I ever read them.

Previous haul rewinds: one | two

In my mailbox (5)

So here we are, back at it again.I can see this being a long one already as its from Christmas. First up we have the physical copies.

I forgot The Inbetweeners were even a thing… and I wasn’t even a huge fan of this series. This was definitely a Christmas present that has remained at the back of a shelf for too long. I’ll attempt to unhaul this, if not I guess a trip to the charity shop is good too.

The Beano, Dead Inside, Do Not Enter*, Pandora Hearts Vol 4 and 5, and Soul Eater were also presents. I’ve actually read all of these bar the Soul Eater one. This is because I read volume 1 somewhat recently and found the content, questionable. I’m going to give Volume 2 a try before unhauling the series. I actually really enjoyed Pandora Hearts so I need to pick that back up!

*I copied over my old review for y’all

Accountable to None and The Monster’s Corner were both giveaway wins and even though I’m still really excited to read TMC I always seem to forget about it each Halloween. Maybe this year? I hope to try AtN, I’m not 100% sure its still my cuppa tea but I’m willing to try.

This was the Christmas I also got a Kindle I believe. My first ever eReader, so of course I picked up some eBooks to accompany it.
one | two | three | four

I uh, I’ve not read any of these. I also maybe forgot I even had copies of these. Luckily these aren’t taking up any physical space. Do you think I should attempt to read one of these soon? Any of them take your fancy?


Have you read all your books you’ve hauled since blogging?

15 thoughts on “Rewind: Haul Post (3)”

  1. Haha well who can read all the books that they have ever bought? Certainly not me 🤣 But I guess this is a good way to check all thise books which you bought way back then and decide whether you are interested in reading them anymore or not 😊

  2. This idea is so fun, haha :D I think it’s all the more difficult with the Kindle books because at least the physical copies would once in forever be visible enough to take attention but it’s almost impossible to take notice of the ebooks I must’ve added years ago XD I think The Solomon Seals sounds good, though I haven’t read it so don’t rely on my opinion, lol.

  3. This is such a good idea Lauren! While I haven’t been blogging since 2011 (WOW, might I add) I have an entire bookshelf FULL of books I bought throughout 2017 that I never touched. So, I’m losing at this already.

  4. Oh my goodness I wouldn’t even want to do this for my hauls because I know there would be so many that I’ve forgotten or have gone unread – especially when it comes to kindle reads. I’m basically cringing inside at the idea! But it’s very cool to do this. It is good that kindle unreads don’t take up any space, and I’m sorry you totally lost interest in The Inbetweeners!

    My recent post: http://oliviascatastrophe.com/2018/01/cathadeus-book-review-giveaway/

  5. That’s a neat concept !
    Omg – Soul eater, I loved that anime.. but stopped watching as it gave me panic attacks, oops.
    as for the ebooks, I think you should give it a try ! :) either “that voodoo you do” or ” the ghosthunter chronicle” seems to appeal to me.

    as for me eeeh – I havent been blogging for long, and you know it xD soo nope, I havent read thoses I book hauled, as it’s pretty recent..

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