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Graphic Novel Review: POS by Pierre Paquet

POS by Pierre Paquet
Series: NA
Genre: Nonfiction | Graphic Novel
Length: 256 pages
Published on 21st November 2017 by Lion Forge Comics
Purchase: Amazon | B&N | TBD | Waterstones
Pierre Paquet: Goodreads
An eARC was provided thanks to NetGalley

A young man struggles to build a publishing company, find love, and discover who he really is, with his one true trusted companion being the dog who truly seems to understand him. In the end, he realizes that for far too long he has been a self-absorbed piece of sh*t.nA touching autobiographical story by Swiss BD publisher Pierre Paquet, the spiritual sequel to Paquet’s Eisner-nominated A Glance Backward, which recounted his experience dealing with the death of his father at age 11.

A face with a bunch of question marks above my head best describes me after finishing this book.

Along with my very quick Goodreads review of ” *internally screams with stress and anxiety*”

Is it normal for a book to leave you feeling this way?

I wanted to like it, to appreciate it but its hard when you’re screaming at your friends every five minutes because his dog is in trouble. Again.

The art style is very different to what I usually pick up but it fitted the story well.

Pierre goes through a lot of shit. With work. With women. With his dog.

But honestly? I barely connected to it because I was just stressing all the time about his dog. I’m sorry I clearly missed a lot of this graphic novel. Or its point.

Either way guys, if this synopsis intrigues you … read some more reviews before you make a decision to pick it up because literally all I can tell you is that it really stressed me out because his dog gets in some tricky situations that were avoidable and I just wanted his dog/s to be ok.

2.5 stars / 5 stars



10 thoughts on “Graphic Novel Review: POS by Pierre Paquet”

  1. Oh no, sounds like the dog would be the only one I would connect to, if I read this. Seems like the point it wanted to make clearly didn’t come across. Gonna wait before adding this anywhere near my TBR :(

    1. I mean its title is “Piece of Shit” and it just kinda …shows how shit life can be when you’re not really striving to be your best / cut corners. like its gonna bite u on the butt


  2. It sometimes happen to me to ignore a plot or characters because I am too busy thinking about a secondary’s character situation. The art looks nice on the cover, so I might check it out – but I have way too many graphic novels at the moment.

  3. Hmm… it sounds like this one was a bit too confusing, or maybe just a bit too stressful for it to be enjoyable. And not being able to see the point in it means it isn’t really a graphic novel for me… Thanks for the review!

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