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Rewind: Haul Post


So for those of you who don’t know prior to this blog I used to blog under the same name on blogger (it now redirects here so, sorry, but you can’t check it out) from 2011.

I thought it would be interesting to go back and view my first ever haul posts to see what books I got and whether or not I ever read them.

In my mailbox (1)

Oh this is old. Way back before all the drama so prior to me taking part in Talk Supes’ Bought, Borrowed, and Bagged.

“This week has been a slow week for books arriving and as most of the books I get will be ones I have ordered myself, or received as presents I can’t see their ever being more than one or two. On Tuesday I received Junji Ito’s Uzumaki Vol 1 (second hand) from Amazon, I read it straight away and couldn’t put it down (a review is to come later).”

So first haul post was a success! I read it straight away. The first cover above was what I originally had, I’ve since gifted this to a friend (with a book voucher inside too) and have purchased the Deluxe 3-in-1 edition – which can also be seen in my vlog here.

Specifically for this post I’ve also copied over my original review of Uzumaki because I still love it to bits and have read the full series twice now.

In my mailbox (2)

Wow, I expected to have done really badly here but next up we have Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and The Redbreast. I’ve read, seen the movie, and done a comparison review of the first. The second however, not so much. I do still own both of these books though. Should I bump The Redbreast up my to be read pile?

I know 100% why I purchased The Redbreast and I also know why I’ve not read it. Back in 2011 I was obsessed with Stieg Larsson’s work and I had in my head that yes every Swedish author will steal my heart the way Larsson did with Lisbeth. But I was also just as scared that The Redbreast wouldn’t live up to the hype I’d built up for it. Added to this I believe its also not the first in the series… As I did with Uzumaki, here is my original review of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Have you read all your books you’ve hauled since blogging?


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