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Graphic Novel Review: The Little Red Wolf by Amélie Fléchais

The Little Red Wolf by Amélie Fléchais
Series: N/A
Genre: Graphic Novel | Fantasy
Length: 80 pages
Published on 3rd October 2017 by Diamond Book Distributors
Purchase: Amazon | B&N | Waterstones | WHSmith
Amélie Fléchais: Website | Goodreads
Digital review copy received from NetGalley

Lose yourself in in the dark forests of Amelie Flechais’ spectacular artwork. A young wolf, on a journey to bring his grandmother a rabbit, is charmed by the nice little girl who offers to help him… but nice is not the same as good. A haunting fairy tale for children and adults alike.

At only 80 pages The Little Red Wolf is short, even for a graphic novel.

This hasn’t really diminished my love for this book though it just means its a super quick read.

First we’ll talk about the art because it is adorable, but also dark when it needs to be.

This is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood only the wolf and Red have swapped places. Its the little wolf who’s on his way to visit his Grandmother to give her some rabbits as she’s no longer strong enough to hunt for herself.

He’s warned to not leave the path as there are people out there who would do him harm.

Little Wolf is young and enjoying exploring the woods before realising he’s well and truly lost. He even cries. Honestly so sweet.

This story is definitely something worth reading because whilst the art is adorable the characters themselves are too!

I think what I liked most about this retelling is that Little Red tells a story to help guide the wolf back to hers. But when Little Wolf’s  parent arrives and saves the day they tell him the story but from their point of view which makes you realise the bad blood is all built on grief and guilt. It gets this across so well in a very simple way too. This part definitely makes you reconsider how you view monsters without knowing the full stories.

Whilst I’ve mentioned this graphic novel has a very adorable art style, the author doesn’t shy away from making it dark when it needs to be. And even though it does get a bit dark and feature death it is definitely children friendly. It handles the above very well in my opinion.

I’ll be keeping my eye out for more of Flechais’ work.

4 stars / 5 stars

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