On My NetGalley Shelf


NetGalley: I’m not drowning yet
I joined NetGalley in 2011 or 2012 when I first started book blogging and at the time I figured that given my small blog I wouldn’t get any of these requests accepted so I may as well request a lot in hopes of getting one.

That didn’t happen. I got a lot. So much so that I think I read and reviewed about 14 of them before drowning and ignoring the site.

Since I’ve been taking book blogging a lot more seriously this year now I’m done with education and settled in at work I thought it would be no harm if I revisited the site.

The first thing I did was cull the existing books there. To do this I went down the list of books I had been accepted for and compared to whether I was still interested in them or if I still had access to them. For those that were a no I left feedback to remove them off my shelf.

That felt great.

Though I must admit the, uh, shelf was still pretty full.

I then requested a few.

So lets see what the current books are that I should be reading soon.

I mean technically that isn’t too bad of a list. Though I did very recently just submit two reviews so that helped.

But when you have October planned as horror books only you realise you’re going to have to deviate.

Carnivore by Jonathan Lyon
Okay I’ve actually started this one. Mostly due to the fact I also got sent a review copy thanks to Harper. I go through different phases of what I prefer to read and its definitely been physical copies lately.

I’m 80 pages in as I type this, just past part one and I love it.

It is a dark and gruesome read. But really poetic too!

So far it has dealt with prostitution, drug addiction/abuse, physical and mental abuse, amongst other forms of violence too.

The Little Red Wolf by Amelie Flechais
I noticed there were a lot of Graphic Novels ready for download on NG and this is one of them I got. (I’ve already read, reviewed, and bought the other – Taproot) I’ve actually finished this one, I just have to get around to typing up the review.

The art is adorable and the story itself is a really interesting take on Little Red Riding Hood!

Lighter Than My Shadow by Katie Green
Just like the previous this was available to download on NG so I went ahead as I know Graphic Novels are no real struggle for me.

The art on the cover was probably my least favourite of the ones I picked up but when reading that it was a graphic memoir of eating disorders, abuse, and recovery I saw how it fit well and was intrigued more. I aim to start and finish this one by the end of the week.

Blackbird by N.D. Gomes
This is the one I haven’t really touched yet. I’ve seen it around a lot and people seem to be loving it.

Hopefully I’ll feel similar as I have no idea what to expect and this is the one I requested expecting to be denied and I wasn’t.

I am worried this is the one that will be forgotten about due to reading horror books for October as I own so many of those.

What is currently on your NetGalley shelf? Should I prioritise any of these.

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