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I love your icon.

Today’s post is slightly different to my usual ones but I felt it was about time I did this.


So many people have let me know how much they love my icon on here which was drawn by my good friend Jenny. Isn’t it adorable?

I wanted to show off more of her work that I’ve commissioned from her too – one I’m sure you’ll recognise if you’ve ever read one of my video game reviews.

The first is a portrait of me but when my hair was very different, I had intended to use this around my blog but once I made the move here Jenny was kind enough to do an updated icon for me as a break from her university project.

The second is of my (no longer in use) DnD character. Her name is Zelviel Galanodel, a half-elf druid, cast out from the human cities and forced to grow up by herself in a forest. Only she flourished in this environment and befriended the animals.

Anyway I just wanted to make this post to showcase her art and so I have somewhere to direct people when they compliment it.

View her tumblr here.

Update: She has information on her comission prices on her blog too

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