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Book Review: Alien Busters: Alien Hunting by Safa Shaqsy

Alien Busters: Alien Hunting by Safa Shaqsy
Series: Alien Busters #1
Genre: Science Fiction Fantasy | Young Adult
Length: 100 pages
Published on 28th July 2016 by Author
Purchase: Amazon | B&N | TBD
Safa Shaqsy: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads
Received from author in exchange for an honest review

Nathalie is an Alien Buster, a member of a team that kills aliens in the Adkad City on Planet Zelea- home for humans after Earth’s destruction. Haunted by her parents’ death in the field, she joined the Alien Busters Institute in order to carry on their legacy. While on a mission, she discovers an alien baby. How can she kill this enemy when she’s formed a strong attachment, even if it’s forbidden?

I was lucky enough that I saw Safa tweet about there being the opportunity to grab an ecopy for review of Alien Busters part one off her website so with it being a v quick read I hopped right in.

Alien Busters’ jobs are to kills aliens. This novella follows one called Nat.

Nat is a very likeable main character, she’s an Alien Buster who actually questions why she’s doing her job. It happens when she stumbles across a baby alien and makes the decision – that could put her in a lot of trouble – to protect it and keep it as a pet.

I love her scenes with the alien, trying to figure out how to keep it and do so secretively and well.

Her relationship with her friends is really important too, given her parents have passed away, and I love that she has a support system still.

Given that this novella is only 100 pages I find it difficult to talk about the main story too much without giving a lot away but the jist of things is that Nat finds out that there was more to her parents than she knew and she may be following closely in their footsteps. But she has to be careful.

So overall the characters, the world, and the introduction to the plot (don’t forget this is just “part one” that I am reviewing) were really good and I look forward to reading more of Safa’s work.

However, when I read this part one (back in October 2016) I did feel like it could really do with some extra editing. I felt like some sentences weren’t needed as the previous already provided the information given.

But overall that wasn’t such a bad thing that it really did any damage. I do fully intend to read the full book at some point too. So yes, a nice short read and introduction to a new alien filled sci-fi world.

3 stars / 5 stars

I 100% want to read more of Safa’s work.

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