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Video Game Review: Montaro

Montaro by JCKSLAP
Genre: Casual | Indie
Release Date: 25th July 2016
Copy sent as a gift via Steam

Montaro is a DOGE.
Montaro is a casual runner game that was created to heal your heart.- Random generated street levels.
– Lift up highschool girl’s skirts, protect your doge by panties.
– Collect Doge coins to unlock over 8 Doge costumes.
– Doge’s emoticons and background.

Montaro is a very simple and affordable game.

You play as Doge.
You jump to avoid angry animals and holes.
You jump to gain coins (which you can buy cute outfits with).
You jump near girls and steal their panties.
You jump jump jump.

That is it :)


That was it, that was my original review of this game.

So expanding on this has proved difficult.

But on a serious note, the art style is really cute and even with my terrible co-ordination skills I managed to jump pretty far on this side scroll-er.

Also I know I mentioned the panties but its not nsfw in any way.

Oh and uh yes, you really do just click and jump as the background moves along. I’m not being weird and not describing the game to you, that is it. Its cute as heck though.

I recommend playing this game
Heres some of the cute outfits your doge can wear

The elf girl is my DnD character which my lovely friend Jenny drew.


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