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2017 Goals

My plan was always to post this at the end of January to give me a month to settle into one of my goals and think how else I want this year to go. It took me way longer than it should’ve to write this because I had idea for what I wanted to include but the moment I came to typing my mind went blank.


But I have succeeded and made a post, so keep reading to see my goals for this year.

Reading Goals

I kept things simple this year and set my Goodreads goal to 30 books, whilst I do want to read more than last year I think setting a lower goal will help me feel less panicked and forced to read.

Another reason for doing this is because for the first time ever I set aside a pile of books that I have called my “preferred to be read this year” books. There are 22 books here so if I do read all these it’ll complete most of my GR goal whilst still allowing room to deviate from this list which is mostly likely what I’ll end up doing.

To create this pile was fairly easy as I just selected books that I had gotten in the past year that I knew deserved to not site on my actual TBR for all eternity. Since creating this pile I have found out that one of these books (Moon Chosen) is actually super racist so that might end up just returning to a shelf, or I’ll read it begrudgingly just so I can write an informed review to stop others supporting such a gross book (I wouldn’t bother if I didn’t already own it but something good may as well come from it… right?).

At the time of writing this I’ve finished 2 books, neither on this pile. I’m currently reading another 3 books too, and only one of these is from this pile.

Within these goals I’d also like to finish off some series that I started last year:

– Gemma Doyle trilogy by Libba Bray
– Unwind Dystology by Neal Shusterman
– Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr (I’m almost done with the last book as I type)

And I’d like to finish off books I started last year:

– Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman
– Darkest Mercy by Melssa Marr (this is the one I am almost done with)
– Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher (this was just too heartbreaking to read, and I put on hold for a read-a-long w my book club)

& lastly, I’d like to successfully participate with at least 2 read-a-longs with my book club, because I’m great at arranging them but just fail to ever take part, especially during the set time.

Keep on top of review copies. I split my list up on Goodreads already so I can see which I received last year and this year. From last year I only have 1 left to review and 1 left to read and review so that wont take too long to sort out. Its the previous year I’ll have to revisit this list and see which I’m still interested in.

Blogging Goals

I want to be able to post once a week all of 2017, I’m aware this may be a bit of a stretch given how my blogging has been as of late but so far I’m all set until half way through February so if I keep on top of things I should be okay? At the very most I’d only like one month to be messed up, but we can’t anticipate what life will bring.

I also want to get back into photography. I used to adore it and it can really help bring a more personal touch to my post as the images can be used to show off the books and with headers so that’s definitely something I want to focus on. I haven’t yet this month as making sure I’m ahead on posts first.

Another blogging thing that would be pretty good is if I could reach a minimum of 500 views on each post. I know my outreach isn’t huge but seeing the page views means that I know some people actually do care that I’m writing heh.

It’d also be good if I could actually put time aside to visit other blogs more regularly so I feel like less of an outside in the blogging community. Oops.

Added to the previous one I want to remain active on Twitter (and possibly reach 1,000 followers there) too because the community there is really great and I’m always finding out lots of new and interesting things thanks to them.

Other Goals

My first other goal is to cut my To Be Read pile down by … well as much as possible. This could easily fit in the reading section because if I read books that I already own the pile will go down, but it fits better here because as well as this I need to stop buying so many books and start getting rid of ones I own and no longer have an interest it/have duplicate copies of. I’m sure I’ll end up posting here when I finalise the pile I want to sell.

I started using an exercise bike last year as we have one in the house so it seemed silly to not take advantage of it. So basically, I want to keep on using the exercise bike and see if I can hit a steady two times a week on it at first. I’ll up this goal if I get better at using it I guess.

Along with the previous I want to eat healthier. This means cutting down on snacking, having smaller food portions, and just generally eating better. I was doing fine when I lived in my own flat but having meals dictated by parents means I’ve kind of fallen into some bad habits again.

& lastly I’d like to keep on top of my book club. I had a good clean up of the channels and rules at the start of the year but I just want to keep building it and making sure its a welcoming place for all book readers. Keep it active, keep it growing. We have monthly read-a-longs now and will be launching a new travelling book project in the comings months.

If you wan to join just click here to check it out, there’s no obligation for you to stay forever or return daily if that’s not for you but hey at least you can come and see if it is for you – I will doing a post advertising this more next month.


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