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Review: The Dark World by S.C. Parris

The Dark World by S.C. Parris
Series: The Dark World Series #1
Genre: Horror | High Fantasy
Length: 482 pages
Published on 30th August 2016 by Permuted Press
Purchase: Amazon | B&N | TBD | Waterstones
S.C. Parris: Website | Twitter | Goodreads
Received from author in exchange for an honest review, and later purchased a signed copy for myself.

Welcome To The Dark World. A world kept from the eyes of humans where all manner of Dark Creature live, war, and thrive.

But certain Creatures are about to find that there is more to the dark than blood and bite…. The Dark World holds secrets…and the greatest of all are about to be revealed.

When Xavier Delacroix witnesses the death of beloved Vampire Order member, Eleanor Black, his world is turned upside down. A visit to the King of All Dark Creatures, Dracula, reveals little but more secrets, sending Xavier to keep a few for himself. After all, he is no longer sure who he can trust….

With the surprising appearance of strange new Creatures, the Dark World is plagued with a strange energy, energy that is affecting all Dark Creatures for the worst….

Equipped with nothing but questions, Xavier and those close to him are forced to face this new threat, even if it may cost them their lives.

I was lucky enough to receive an ecopy of The Dark World for review way before release and lately I’ve had such a disinterest with ebooks it took me a while to get into it.

But once I got past that and got into the habit of reading daily I was truly hooked.

The world Parris creates is fully of surprises and depth, wonderful supernatural beings and many great characters.

& this is where I start to struggle. Writing reviews for books I love are always the hardest for me because I don’t want to spoil anything but I want to praise it and shower it in love.

Its a fine line to walk.

But here I go.

One of the key things I enjoyed about The Dark World is that it starts off as what appears to be a pretty normal Vampire book, you get what you expect. Which for me, is perfect, I love vampires. And these are the dark and blood-hungry (kind of) vampires that I love, that feel very inhuman and aware of their power. That, whilst intertwined with the human world at times, know they don’t belong and don’t try incredibly hard to be Exactly Like Us.

But as the book unravels it becomes clear this isn’t just a vampire book, its very much more than that with every and all supernatural beings you’d love to read more about.

The mythology and magic within this book is one of the things I’m super excited to read more about, we learn about it as the story unfolds – particularly because a lot of secrets are being held from the Vampires so as they learn, we the reader learns too.

This book is everything I had hoped it’d be.

It filled this massive gap in what I’d been missing out of my read books. I read so little dark fantasy that this got to brush past everything else I’ve read this year and be like “Hi I’m going to make you want to keep reading on this bus and miss work” every day. It was brilliant.

The last 100 pages or so were my favourite because so much happens it made it even harder to put down and I left the update “THINGS ARE LIT OMG” on goodreads and I stand by that.

My favourite character, and sorry because this does go into spoiler territory, is Eleanor. She is the baddest and most brilliant woman to kick back and take what she thinks is rightfully hers. She is powerful and smart and no doubt this will put her in a lot of dangerous positions.

And lastly, what I think I need to make clear after my previous paragraph is that there is no single character that is strictly The Good Guy. Everyone has some darkness too them which makes it feel all the more real. Who wants every character to run away with your heart because they’re Pure and Golden? Not me. I like mine with some mystery and darkness they’re either fighting against or letting engulf them fully – whether by choice or manipulation of a stronger character ;)

Hyped to keep reading this series, and good luck to Parris in continuing writing them whilst working and studying! You got this girl.

4 stars / 5 stars

The series continues and I intend to read it all, look at the pretty covers so far.


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