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Graphic Novel Review: Wytches by Scott Snyder

Wytches by Scott Snyder, illustrated by Jock
Series: Wytches Volume 1
Genre: Graphic Novel | Horror
Length: 192 pages
Published on 8th October 2014 by Image Comics
Purchase: Amazon | B&N | TBD | Waterstones | WHSmith
Scott Snyder: Instagram | Twitter | Goodreads
Purchased for myself from Waterstones

Everything you thought you knew about witches is wrong. They are much darker, and they are much more horrifying. Wytches takes the mythology of witches to a far creepier, bone-chilling place than readers have dared venture before. When the Rooks family moves to the remote town of Litchfield, NH to escape a haunting trauma, they’re hopeful about starting over. But something evil is waiting for them in the woods just beyond town. Watching from the trees. Ancient…and hungry.
Collects Wytches #1-6.

This review will be short and sweet. I’m never good at writing lots when it comes to graphic novels because half of the story is told through the illustrations and Wytches was beautiful in a horrible way.

Wytches is a horror. There is no doubt about it, and it felt like a very real horror too.

It mostly follows a daughter and father relationship throughout the story which is a nice change. Though that is not to say its a perfect and happy relationship. They have their faults like real families do.

On top of this there is the issue of pledging. Once someone has been pledged they will come for you. There is nothing, or very little you can do, but this story focuses on the father who does try even though the world and everyone seems to be working against him.

Sailor, the daughter, and other main character is great too. She suffers from anxiety which has only worstened after a bad event which is why they’re in a new town. Her coping methods are great and also there to add a little smile to this otherwise dark and uncomfortable story.

The Wytches in questions are really creepy looking and the way the trees are incorporated into the pledging event and their nests is really interesting. Basically the whole world he has created alongside our own is really freaky.

I read this late at night and it sent a few shivers down my spine, the art work was spectacular with a very messy overall feel to it during the darker scenes. I can’t wait for the next volume to exist. Easily one of my favourite graphic novels.

5 stars / 5 stars

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