Magnificently Magic Read-A-Thon Day 4

Day 4. Yay. Okay wow, how have I been so busy lately? I don’t know but I have. The Hobbit was amazing guys and I’ve done so much college work today I’m basically caught up. Shame it can’t  be said about the read-a-thon though, this has been a bad attempt on my behalf. I’ll try and finish Rock Hard today and start and finish The Unwords with it being a small poetry book. 

Day 1:

Believe Like a Child
Pages Read: 56
Rock Hard
Percent Read: 23%
Day 2:
Believe Like a Child
Pages Read: 74

Day 3:
Rock Hard
Percent Read: 11%
Day 4:
Rock Hard – Finished
Percent Read: 46%

Overall Total: 129 pages & 90%

Mini Challenge:

I couldn’t really attempt this very well considering we don’t have any Christmas decorations in my house,  well we do just they’re all in the loft and I doubt they’ll be down any time soon – with me not being young any more there isn’t much of an emphasis on Christmas in my household so we’ll probably have a tiny light up tree and that’s it. Also sorry the picture is blurry, it started to collapse!

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