Bought, Borrowed & Bagged (31)

Bought, Borrowed and Bagged is a weekly event hosted by Talk Supe where you can share the books you have bought, borrowed or bagged (won) plus a recap of the previous week’s reviews, upcoming reviews and on going events. 
(P.S. click the image to go to its Goodreads page)

Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning

I probably wont get to it until next year now but I have it ready for when I want to continue the series, my review for the first will be up next month

Rock Hard (Sinners on Tour, #2)

The Iron King and The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa

I think a few weeks ago I mentioned that JK did an advertisement for her new book and had loads of freebies to grab, well yeah I only showed one of the three she had up. D’uh
The Iron KingThe Lost Prince (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten, #1)

The Sun Dwellers by David Estes
I got this for thanks for the post on Friday, I haven’t started the series yet though ):
The Sun Dwellers (The Dwellers #3)

This week on Northern Plunder:
Wishlist Wednesday
The Sun Dwellers Book Blast
November Wrap Up
Tour Stop: The Weird Girls Excerpt and Giveaway

Currently Reading:
I finished Backstage Pass shortly after last weeks post went up and finished End of Faith earlier this week too. Just picked up Believe Like a Child and Extras.
In Other News:
I’m on a roll again * curtseys* thank you for being patient my lovelies
Oh gosh, I had no idea this was set to draft and queue. Sorry for the delay

5 thoughts on “Bought, Borrowed & Bagged (31)

  1. Thank you for giving me a very bizarre moment where the David Estes from Homeland flashed into my head along with the words, “Oooh, he wrote a book!” Thankfully I've had enough coffee today that my '25 and still can't tell real life from television' brain freeze only lasted a split-second. :D

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