Follow Friday (23)

Q. What hyped up book do you think was not worth all the fuss?
Lauren’s Answer: Easily The Lovely Bones, I had strong problems with the ending of this book especially after researching into the author, everything just screamed “wrong” at me. It made it difficult to think positively of the book regardless how the rest of it  was or how it made me feel.

13 thoughts on “Follow Friday (23)

  1. Interesting pick! I remember thinking it was a strange premise, but I eventually read it and enjoyed. I honestly can't remember the ending, so am curious what it was that screamed “wrong” at you?

  2. I have come across a couple of people thinking the same way. Someone told me that they found it wrong that the author chose to write about a rape and death. As well as what her heaven looked like. I liked it but I can see where that opinion can come from.

  3. My friend literally threw that book at me and told me to read it because it is so amazing. Although, I've never got around to reading it, so I can't say it's good, but I bet it is!
    My FF

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