BBAW Day 1: Appreciation!

Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2012

This is the first time I’ve decided to take part in BBAW and its the first time I’m around for it, yes Northern Plunder is not quiet a year old yet. During this week we’re given daily topics which we can choose to take part in or not with the aim to celebrate the work of active book bloggers. Today’s topic is to share with your readers some of the blogs that we enjoy reading on a daily basis. I’ve decided to pick out my favourite fourto avoid being here all day.

First up I’ve chosen the girls from Talk Supe, Braine & Cimmaron, not only is their content always top notch but its almost always up every day too, I have no idea how they manage it all the time! On top of that they’re also really pleasant to talk with and I love hearing from them.
Next up is Patrica from Book Exhibitionism because I love reading her posts as they always seem to be full of her personality, its hard to explain but you can tell she puts thought and herself into her posts, again she is also very lovely to speak too and I can’t wait for her to start up posting again.

My last two wonderful bloggers I’ve spoken to on more than one occasion and they’ve made a good impression with me but to keep it even my next two selections are ones that I either haven’t spoken to or only very briefly but their blogs are just as super.

Blog Button 200The girls from Book Chick City are actually one of the reasons I chose to start up a much more focused book blog and schedule, they all seem like such a great team and I love the variety of books I’ve been introduced too from them. If I could be part of any book blogging team it’d most likely be them.
Smash Attack ReadsLast but not least is Ash and her new team at Smash Attack Reads because I adore her layout to pieces, I get so distracted when I go there cause its just awesome and also she’s another who manages to portray herself very clearly in her posts too.
I hope you check out and follow all these books blogs if you don’t already but remember I love each blog I follow and this was a difficult decision to pick out only four *o* I hope you all have a good week!


5 thoughts on “BBAW Day 1: Appreciation!

  1. Awwww thanks a bunch Lauren! This really means a lot and I love you girls too!

    We just mix up meme, reviews and media stuff so we have at least a fresh post everyday. It also helps in getting a wider set of followers and not just bookworms like us LOL

  2. Wow, thank you so much. What a lovely thing to wake up to on a cold, rainy English morning. I know of Smash, but I haven't heard of the other blog, so will definitely check out Talk Supe. Again, thank you, and enjoy BBAW :) x

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