Bout of Books: Day 5

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon
Started Switched by Amanda Hocking today, I’m really enjoying the style of it so far and have high hopes for the rest of the story, how has your day been?

Book Read: Switched
Pages Read: 86
Time Read For: 1 hour 12 minutes
Overall Books Completed: 3
Overall Pages Read: 382
Overall Time Read For: 5 hours 33 minutes
Don’t forget to check out the challenges for today, I’m not taking part today cause I’ve been busy and I’m tired now. As its not the end of the day yet I haven’t added my time or page count but I’ve read a fair bit today, going to really push myself tomorrow :D

2 thoughts on “Bout of Books: Day 5

  1. Oh, I loved that series. I've been a fan of Amanda Hocking for a while though. I read the series when she was self published, but I love the new covers. The cover for Wake, her new release is beautiful, but I haven't picked it up yet. Enjoy the last day of Bout-of-Books ;)

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