Wishlist Wednesday (9)

Wishlist Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Pen to Paper where we can share books that are on our wishlist. 
Battle RoyaleBattle Royale, Vol. 1 (Battle Royale, #1)

I don’t know why I haven’t read Battle Royale by Koushun Takami yet, but I haven’t and I really want to. Shame on me  I guess. I’d definitely love to read the novel and the manga though.
GRKoushun Takami’s notorious high-octane thriller is based on an irresistible premise: a class of junior high school students is taken to a deserted island where, as part of a ruthless authoritarian program, they are provided arms and forced to kill one another until only one survivor is left standing. Criticized as violent exploitation when first published in Japan – where it then proceeded to become a runaway bestseller – Battle Royale is a Lord of the Flies for the 21st century, a potent allegory of what it means to be young and (barely) alive in a dog-eat-dog world. Made into a controversial hit movie of the same name, Battle Royale is already a contemporary Japanese pulp classic, now available for the first time in the English language.

This is The Other Life by Susanne Winnacker and it sounds like a pretty fantastic read to me. It seems to be a dystopian novel and I absolutely love that genre, so it should be a good read.
GR:   3 years, 1 month, 1 week and 6 days since I’d seen daylight. One-fifth of my life. 98,409,602 seconds since the heavy, steel door had fallen shut and sealed us off from the world. Sherry has lived with her family in a sealed bunker since things went wrong up above. But when they run out of food, Sherry and her dad must venture outside. There they find a world of devastation, desolation…and the Weepers: savage, mutant killers. When Sherry’s dad is snatched, she joins forces with gorgeous but troubled Joshua – an Avenger, determined to destroy the Weepers. But can Sherry keep her family and Joshua safe, when his desire for vengeance threatens them all?


9 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday (9)

  1. I have seen the Battle Royale movie and damn it was a bloodbaths!

    I read a book before set in WW1 and The Other Life reminds me of that. The desperation, hunger, danger, etc. reminds me of that. Scary

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