Follow Friday (13)

Q. Birthday Wishes – Blow out the candles and imagine what character could pop out of your  cake… Who is it and what book are they from?

Lauren: How many crazy girls are wishing for a Mr Grey right now? A lot probably, but certainly not me. No way. Never ever. I’m thinking more along the lines of Eric from the Sookie Stackhouse series (even though I’ve only read about 5) or maybe Jonas from Intangible, either way its a Vampire and I’m not passing up on this chance to meet one!

Nia: Wow a hard one if I had to choose I’d probably say Eric Northman who is coincidentally also mentioned above, or maybe Jace from the Mortal instruments, or Aragorn from Lord of the Rings god there’s so many I could drive myself crazy thinking about it so lets just leave it at that.  


6 thoughts on “Follow Friday (13)

  1. You know, I never really got the appeal of Eric from reading the Sookie Stackhouse books. I'm more Team Sam! But, I must admit since my husband isn't reading over my shoulder right now, after seeing “True Blood” I get the appeal of Eric. But only, I guess, TV Eric. And even then I still think she should end up with Sam.

    The more I think about this question, the more I think, “What a waste of cake!”

    Old follower.

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