Welcoming Nia!

Hello everyone, I’ve been pondering for a while whether I should have a co-blogger with me because I know once I go back to college in September I may not be able to be as active as I am, or at least not reading as much and putting out as many reviews. Tonight I finally decided that it would be the right thing for Northern Plunder which is why from today onwards I will be joined by Nia – and if you’ve been watching Fanatical About Fiction you’ll be more than aware who she is and how much she can talk about books ;) Seriously that girl can speak for Wales! So without further ado please welcome Nia as I hand over this post to her.

Hey I’m Nia and its true I really do talk a lot. I’m a seventeen year old sixthform student studying some extremely boring Alevels. The books I enjoy most usually lie in the YA section of the book store but I’ll read almost anything so long as it comes with a good recommendation. I love both reading and writing so this is a perfect combination of two things that I really enjoy, so I’m really looking forward posting my first review as Lauren’s co-blogger and reading some more fantastic books so that I can review even more.


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