Bout of Books Read-a-thon Day 6

Saturdays are always my bad reading days as I’m at my Dads and he wakes me up at 1pm. Yes wakes me up. I clearly need the sleep though? and then I spend the day until 4pm with him and my little sister (this week we watched MIB and The Witches which my sister thought were fab) so by the time I get home most of the day is over and I have to catch up with all you guys first ;) Any how I finished Channel Zero which was FAB! and I was aiming to finish Intangible too but my boyfriend was sleepy and made me stop reading :(
Overall Update:
Number of Books Read Today: 2 (Intangible and Channel Zero)
Number of Books Completed: 3
Pages Read Today: 168 + 6%
Pages Read Overall: 734 + 71%
Time Read for Today: 51 minutes
Time Read for Overall: 7 hours 52 minute
The mini-challenge for today is being hosted by Smash Attack Reads which is called “Book Spine Poetry” which sounds totally interesting right? Yep. The aim is to use the spine of books to create a poem from their titles, you are allowed to use an extra word for every book used (for example if I were to use 6 books I can have 6 extra words within my poem). I have selected the books I originally selected to read this week and other books that I want to make a start on before this month is up. Hopefully I get something decent. 

Specials Invisible Monsters
reside with Paper Towns.
A Blood Seduction by Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Kicks Ass.
This is The Perks of Being a Wallflower of death.
Okay my attempt was pretty lame and I moved the S from the end of Specials to the end of Kick in Kick Ass :P

Its not cheating, it’s magic.


12 thoughts on “Bout of Books Read-a-thon Day 6

  1. You may not think it's perfect, but it is honestly REALLY HARD to get a good one! I had to pluralize one of my titles (DawnS), and wrongly interpret another (Rose as a verb instead of a noun) to get mine even CLOSE to making sense =P So well done! =D

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