18052012: Bout of Books Read-a-thon Day 5

I finished reading the first “chapter” of Channel Zero during the early hours of this morning and I adore it so much, I also read more of it and I’m pretty happy that I’m a good 100 pages into a graphic novel and haven’t seen an overly sexualised female, which is good. I also read all of Batman: The Killing Joke today, which is fantastic as well as getting up to 80% through Intangible which I’m pretty sure I’ll finish tomorrow.
Overall Update:
Number of Books Read Today: 3 (Channel Zero, Batman: The Killing Joke and Intangible)
Number of Books Completed: 2
Pages Read Today: 151 + 22%
Pages Read Overall: 566 + 65%
Time Read for Today: 1 hour  38 minutes
Time Read for Overall: 7 hours 1 minute
The mini-challenge for today is being hosted by The Reading Housewives which is titled Books & Shoes. We have to take any book we like and match up a character in the book or the cover of the book to a shoe. The requirement is to only do one pairing, but feel free to do as many as you like. More pairings don’t give you more entries and you don’t have to do a collage like The Reading Housewives did but feel free to be creative. You also have to add the picture to your Bout of books 4.0 update or goal post OR post on Twitter using the #boutofbooks hashtag so other participates can see it. Only one is required but feel free to post in both places. 
This mini-challenge is not at all catered for me :’) I have no idea about shoes. I own three pairs of shoes, all Doc Martens. I am a terrible girl. Luckily I can relate this challenge into the book I am currently reading and into my knowledge of Doc Martens. Ha!

Above is Jennie 2.5 from the Graphic Novel Channel Zero and she is an all round general bad ass, fighting for America’s freedom and to get rid of the “Clean Act” which is basically the American government controls to media in every sense and scary possibility, the American population no longer would recognise the outside world because they’re not allowed to know what is going on unless it appeals to the government. Which means the only possible shoes she could have are these pair of beauties to kick ass in. (P.S they actually have a zip up the inside to make it a hell of a lot easier to put on and they’re super comfy)

12 thoughts on “18052012: Bout of Books Read-a-thon Day 5

  1. Glad you liked my response but also thank you for telling me about the captcha! When I first made this blog I took it off cause I know how annoying it is and cause I took it off I had known I'd have taken it off again :')

  2. Honestly people are put off because of their price but they last for ages. My knee high ones are 3 year old now and are still in almost perfect condition and still as comfy as ever to wear.

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