08042012: In My Mailbox (12)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren

Books bought:
1Q84: Book Three by Haruki Murakami

Book Three of 1Q84 is the final volume of Murakami’s magnum opus. At the close of Book Two, Aomame and Tengo found themselves in perilous situations, threatened and confused. As 1Q84 accelerates towards its conclusion, both are pursued by persons and forces they cannot understand. As they begin to decipher more about the strange world into which they have slipped, so they sense their destinies converging. What they cannot know is whether they will find one another before they are themselves found.

Amazon: UK | US

Books won:
Kronos by Guy Adams

When a young girl in the village of Durward is found emaciated, drained of all youth, Dr Marcus summons former comrade-in-arms Captain Kronos, who arrives with hunchbacked assistant Professor Grost in tow. Cast out from her clan for dancing on a Sunday, gypsy Carla has hitched a ride with the pair, whom she discovers to be vampire hunters. Vampires exist in many forms, and a spate of attacks indicates that Durward is cursed by such a presence. Marcus, meanwhile, has cause to suspect that the rich Durward family are involved. At their grand estate, he questions heirs Paul and Sara. Their bed-bound mother blames Marcus for the death of her husband Lord Hagen, a plague victim. The doctor is later assaulted by the mystery vampire. Upon his instructions, Kronos and Grost experiment on Marcus to find the one method that will negate this particular vampiric strain. Successful, his friend destroyed, Kronos devises a plan to expose the fiend — by using Carla, now his lover, as bait…

Amazon: UK | US


2 thoughts on “08042012: In My Mailbox (12)

  1. I actually have only read Book 1 but its really gripping and hold back the perfect amount of information so you need and want to read on. It's great. I took a break from the series to pick up another but I plan to get back to it really soon.

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