19032012: Books and Tea

I’ve shared some of my photographs here before and this year I’ve been aiming to take a tea or book related image each week to sum up the weeks reading or arrivals. Though to be honest sometimes I get a little bit behind. Here are my first five week images, more to come later!

Week 1 (07.01.2012): A Whisper of Blood
This week I’ve had a ridiculous amount of books arrive at my house by this has been the only one that is for myself. It was recommended to me by my friend Jay and I can’t wait to get stuck in to it.

Week 2 (14.01.2012): The Hunger Games trilogy
This week passed in such a blur, mostly because I refused to get my nose out of these books. They’re amazing! and I really can’t believe I read all three in under a week.
Week 3 (21.01.2012): Tea and mint chocolates
Oh wow, had a rather busy week and finished up reading This Brilliant Darkness, attempted finishing Death of a Murderer which sucked so much and read the Harry Potter prequel. I also worked hard with finishing up college work, feel happy and treated myself with opening these chocolates I got at Christmas from the boyfriend.
Week 4 (28.01.2012): Hitch-hiking Elephants
I got through Water for Elephants a lot quicker than I expected, mostly because I didn’t know what I was supposed to expect from this book. To fill the time before Feb I also re-read The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy.
Week 5 (04.02.2012): The Night Circus
My first read for an online book club I am now a member of, I hope this book impresses me. I’m only 8% of the way through it though, I have Skyrim to thank for that. Also check out my lovely TARDIS Kindle cover. Smashing.

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