17022012: My Valentines

After seeing many people post about their Valentines I figured I should too, but I was already a day late. I chose to hold off until now because today is myself and my boyfriends 2 years and 8 months anniversary which is fabulous. Unfortunately I wont actually get to see him today because he’s at work. So instead here I am.
When everyone thinks about Valentines it’s all lovey dovey, reds and pinks, flowers and chocolates, but not with us. We get each other decent presents, presents that don’t get eaten and don’t die. This year Daryl asked for me to buy him some graphic novels so I got my friend to recommend me a few that I could buy cause said friend buys a LOT and I didn’t want to buy one and it be a pretty poor story line. In the end I settled on The Killing Joke (Batman and the Joker), Demo and Transmetropolitan. I’ve not heard of the last two but they sounded super good and Daryl sat and read The Killing Joke in one sitting on Valentines which I’m amazed at cause he’s not really much of a reader. I didn’t actually ask for anything other than Skyrim because I’ve been dying for it since I had it on pre-order for him for Christmas and he gave me Skyrim a week earlier. I wasn’t really expecting much else but he also got me Assassin’s Creed Director’s Cut Edition, Assassin’s Creed II and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Collectors Edition! Woo! I wont be playing them for a while though cause I have too many games on the go at the moment.
The day itself was fairly good, I only got to see him from 7:30pm onwards I think? because he had spent the rest of the day in bed trying to get better (he’d been ill since Sunday) whilst I was at the hairdressers and visiting my Dad. We finished watching Unknown as well which was a lot better than I expected.
Hair before:

Hair after:


2 thoughts on “17022012: My Valentines

  1. I know :P I had to get it bleached blonde for me to put the purple on, I've just not got round to doing it yet cause I'm enjoying the blonde for a while :)
    I was going to go half and half but then I realised I'd be too lazy to keep up with fading purple hair all the time :3

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