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Review: The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart by Mathias Malzieu

The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart by Mathias Malzieu
Series: N/A
Genre: Fantasy | Romance | Steampunk
Length: 176 pages
Published on 6th August 2009 by Chatto Windus
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Mathias Malzieu: Website | Twitter | Goodreads
Copy lent to me as part of my college book club.

Edinburgh, 1874. On the coldest night the world has ever seen, Little Jack is born with a frozen heart and immediately undergoes a life-saving operation. But Dr Madeleine is no conventional medic and surgically implants a cuckoo-clock into his chest. Little Jack grows up different to other children: every day begins with a daily wind-up. At school he is bullied for his ‘ticking’, but Dr Madeleine reminds him he must resist strong emotion: anger is far too dangerous for his cuckoo-clock heart. So when the beautiful young street-singer, Miss Acacia, appears – pursued by Joe, the school bully – Jack is in danger of more than just falling in love… he is putting his life on the line.

Initially I had mixed feelings on how I felt about this book, but at my book club discussion I found out that it is actually a prequel for a different book that Mathias Malzieu has written and with that knowledge it has helped me realise exactly what I felt was wrong with the book.

Basically I can’t help but comment on how this book was a lovely read and completely well written, almost poetical in some places (but what do you expect when the author is in a band) and the story was also very interesting!

The fault, however, comes right at the end (why have I read so many books with weak endings?). I felt that the book did round off well without leaving too many questions but it just ended so abruptly that you’re left for wanting more and being pretty confused as to why the end was so drab.

But as mentioned it’s a prequel so really it does makes sense. In a way?

I guess he must have written this to add more of a background to the other book so in that case it does exactly what it was supposed too, unfortunately the other book hasn’t been translated so I can’t read it, yet.

This book is very good and as soon as I know the other book is available I will likely read it, mostly in hope that it will improve my opinion on this dull ending.

Okay, I really need to stop focusing on that because the rest of the book WAS good, I promise. The whole idea, concept and storyline was well written and strung together.

3 stars / 5 stars

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