05122011: Update

Yikes! It seems like forever since I’ve posted anything here, I’m not slacking as much as it feels though. I’ve been pouring every ounce of myself in my art work lately and I’ve filled an A4 sketch book in three weeks. I guess I was a little disappointed with my previous brief as I wasn’t inspired by it so it affected my grades a little, but not too much, so I’ve been working really hard for this one.

I’ve also got my hands on a new laptop meaning I can actually run games on it! I already have a steam rating of 10, and I’ve had it since Saturday 26th November. The games I’m currently playing are Fallout: New Vegas, Forsaken World, DC Universe Online, The Sims Medieval, Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, Dungeon Siege III and Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. I’m hoping to sell my old laptop as there is nothing seriously wrong with it and Daryl reckons we can get £240 for it.

Even better news coming now. I won TWO contests since I’ve last been active here. The first is from Book Chick City where I won a copy of The Monster’s Corner edited by Christopher Golden, the second from Talk Supe where I won a copy of This Brilliant Darkness by Red Tash!
How lucky am I?

I should be finishing up The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart this week so look out for that review.


4 thoughts on “05122011: Update

  1. I remember when my gaming laptop went bang and I had to not play them for about 4 months…it was a nightmare! I only play Facebook games on it though, I use my PS3 for other games.

    I've spotted that you were reading The Boy with the Cuckoo Heart on GR – hope you are enjoying it!

  2. My old one, I use the term old loosely as it was only a 1 year and 4 months old was a dell and it was never bought to be a gaming laptop but I definitely will not be purchasing a dell again!
    The webcam broke, the Y key fell off if you didn't hit it directly central and the delete button would stick, not to mention if I didn't have it on a laptop cooler it went CRAZY and slow and just generally acted as if it was 3 years old.
    I know the first three problems sound as if they're my fault for mistreating it but it's the best looked after laptop in the world so I have no idea how those things happened ;_;

    My Dad has a PS3 and I have my own 360 but I rarely use it cause I get stuck on the games and what not haha. I'm doing well at the moment!

    Yeah it's quite an interesting read so far, very lyrical and poetic but the author is a singer so I guess you kind of expect it. (There goes a main chunk of my review!)

  3. Thank you again, I started reading it last night even though I promised myself I wouldn't. I got hooked straight away but only read 3% cause I gave myself a good slap. At least I'll get through my other books quicker so I can pick it up ;)

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